A Council on the Bluff

  • “CHILDREN OF TORIL.” As the wind over the Scar rushes through her white hair, the usually demure druid of the sky raises her voice and allows herself an uncharacteristic pitch of excitement. “WE HAVE DONE IT!”

    Aoth stands on a stone on Heroes Bluff. Around are gathered all who heard the call from the Circle of Quercatha Terr after Jiyyd was freed and the temple of Helm opened: come, speak on the future - of Jiyyd and the land.

    “We have done it!" Aoth repeats. "The planes will remember how we stood together. History will remember how Narfell rose up in the name of Toril, of the Prime, of life in holy balance.

    “I am certain I speak for all those who serve the gods of the field and wild: we will make the scorched land green again though it may take centuries.” Aoth picks out a few clerics from the audience, making eye contact and a subtle nod with each. “Cooperation is why we asked for your presence here today. Over the last years, I have heard many of you speak of designs for that land. I ask each of you to speak here, unafraid. Let us hear all voices.

    “I myself have one small request myself, and I will speak first so your ideas may all resemble greater sense in my wake.” Aoth smiles slyly here, the breezy attitude that always underlies her seriousness inviting less formality as she moves the discussion forward.

    “Across The Scar, I wish to build a memorial, a living grove. Dedicated not to the fallen, whom we will remember the rest of our lives. But a monument directed at future generations: This will not happen again. We, the children of Toril, we will not allow another catastrophe like this. Tomorrow and all the days after, we must remember the spirit that brought us here, that united so many peoples and faiths. My hope is that by making the memorial a living thing, by making it a holy place to many at once, we can also make it a haven, a meeting place, an embassy. Where groups such as this can gather, discuss, debate in the name of peace and cooperation. If all who value life are welcome, then perhaps the future will better avoid another war of this scale.”

    The white-haired druid steps down from the stone and gestures to her right for the next who wishes to speak.

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  • Ky considers Maria's words briefly, before nodding.

    The presssence of the helmite tower predates my claim.. as sssuch, they are free to build on the hill itself. That will give you your… few metresss. As long as they do not repeat the missstakes of Maztica and expand on where they are not welcomed...

  • Council of Moradin

    As soon as the dragon lands, a tall and strong man, with a huge sword to his back, can be seem leaving the place. Once he is far enough, the only words that he speaks are to himself:

    • That was a freaking dragon…

    Luckly noone is near to hear them, otherwise it would be obvious the feeling that took over him: fear.

  • _As Ky lands in a clear part of the field María turns to him immediatly and waves her hands in a very studied manner, murmuring a few words in Netheresse.
    An almost invisible barrier surrounds her, and at the top of her magic staff a ball of candent fire floats, spinning at high speed, but not moving away from the staff.
    Anyone, including Ky, would feel it not as a threat, but just as a reminder that she's… there.

    After they had spoken they part, she'd step forward herself and give her opinion on the matter._

    ((skipping the lisp on the speech to make the read bareable to everyone))

    "I'm glad to see that we all agree that we should make a memorial, as reminder for future generations, and also as a gift to them. Our victory here will be like a present for the future.
    Yes, the land now is tainted, and as it's been said it'll take years and years for it to be completely clean. Even with the aid of arcane, divine, and nature magic combined.
    We'll be patient, and I have no doubts that we'll work hard and together towards this common goal.

    As you have noticed and you know already, the Helmite temple has resisted the taint throughout the years, very likely due to Helm himself. Now we have a new watcher, Albryanna, known by most of us, and even those who didn't know her are aware of the value of her sacrifice. The helmites are now in charge of guarding the place, and will never let such a thing happen again.
    In order to achieve this, though, I would suggest that we help them build up a small encampent or small settlement around the the temple. Something small, that doesn't go more than a few meters away from the temple. With this, and the help of some magic, we might be able to create a safe spot from the tain for the helmites to be able to carry on with their duties of guarding Jiyyd, as well as have a place for people to rest on their travels through these lands.

    Now, I'm well aware that this side of the Scar is… Ky's territory. María glances at the white dragon with a neutral look but I'm sure such a intelligent and venerable creature knows the importance of letting the Helmites guard the place.

    She then looks at the Dragon properly Wouldn't you agree, Ky? We have no intention of expanding or building any bigger settlement, is just a place for travelers to stop at, free of taint, and that will also allow you to not have to worry about this tainted place for a long time.
    Should we wish to build more in the future, be sure we'll be consulting you about it first.

    Adresses the others gathered afterwards

    What do you good people of Narfell think about this? Is this something you would like to see happening?

    She turns and goes back to her spot, the flamming ball above her staff still spinning furiously

  • Leena spares the dragon a wary glance, where before she had been standing tall and proud before Aoth, her staff in her hands, her leathers rustling in the wind. Considering that her father is the -reason- Ky is in this land, and his original captor, she knows he'll recognize her scent as having come from him.

    Knowing this, but not being the type to show fear, she aims for respect, instead, and curtseys to the dragon, lowering her eyes in respect just the once before addressing him properly.

    _"We indeed achieved a wondrous victory today, and it could not have been accomplished without every one of our allies, including yourself, especially. The Druids welcome the return of the natural order to the land, and will revel in it's return to proper balance as our Gods desire it. Winter will once again have it's place, and our climate will indeed get to return to green and white, as is natural. Whatever the ties of our past in particular Noble Ky, I am glad to be able to call you ally for these lands, -and- for the Balance. "

    She smiles, and inclines her head once more, before turning to anyone else addressed, having wanted to wait for some folks to speak before following Aoth's words.

    " I obviously agree with Aoth's idea, and am glad that Ky approves of the nature of it too. There is wisdom, not just protocol, in an agreement not to build here for another reason, too. Just like the stories from back in my father's time, when another demon Portal near what is now a Beholder infested hole was destroyed … it will take time to cleanse any remaining taint from this land.

    Trying to live here would be a foolish endeavor, possibly for generations to come. Townsfolk would not be up to the task of dealing with the residual blight here. It will need to be healed with patience, time, and magic alike, almost certainly over a long period.

    The shared sentiment that we should build with an eye toward the future is a wise one. Remembering the past is important, but bringing it back, perhaps less so. Let us all move forward, together, and make whatever happens here be a credit to our unity in the coming years. "_

    She falls back to her patient spot, watching over the crowd and for the dragon's reaction, really having no idea what he thinks of her thanks to her father's actions.

  • From the back of the group Vick slowly stands, opens his mouth, looks thoughtfully at the dragon and all the females around and turns and slips silently into the trees

  • Caling shifts her backside from whatever she was lounging decorously against, and steps up to speak. She acknowledges Ky with a respectful few words in Draconic, before turning to the Council…

    _"You may know me as a paladin of Sune, and so it's no surprise if I say that what you should do should be beautiful.

    "Jiyyd had never been my home, but still I fought to free it from the foul yoke of demons, and to preserve the wider Realm from the Abyss.

    "But home is a place in your hearts, not just ground or land. I'd urge you to build something -new-, something fabulous! Remember the fallen, and the cost and… well, don't build the past.

    "Build a beautiful future."_

    She saunters off, to listen to what follows.

  • Small snowflakes fall down upon the ground, and soon a loud thud is heard as the white dragon known as Ky lands. He does not seem in the least threatening, and nods at both Aoth and Theaon.

    _"WE did well in the battle against this blight. I… congratulate us for this victorrry we have achieved togetherrr.

    As a serrrvant of a goddess of nature I find myself agrrreeing with the druid. This victory deserrrves a memorial to be built, to show all crrreatures of the lands what we all can do united. What the spirrrit of Narrrfell is. This area WILL be white and green, once again - as is naturrral.

    You will have the honorrr of building this memorial. I must demand howeverrr… that no permanent settlement be built on these lands unless a proper, hmm, contrrract is settled on."_

    His lips turn into a smile, but not a wicked one. The dragon seems pleased of the result as well, and is on quite good mood for now.

  • Theaon steps forward to speak

    _"We have fought along side each other very often during this terrible demon insurrection Aoth. Jiyyd was my home and home of the Legion for many years. It was heartbreaking to watch it and the Silver Valley fall during the N'Jast War and later be the centerpoint of a rift between our realm and the Abyss. You know there is little I wouldn't do to make sure that as much damage as possible from the N'Jast War and its aftermath is undone.

    However, the white dragon Ky currently claims all land east of the Scar to the Coldstone Mountains as his territory, kingdom, or whatever he calls it. He even originally claimed the Bluff here as his land, though we came to an agreement and signed a treaty to keep him off the Bluff for 1000 years. It's very unlikely he would allow us to erect a memorial in Jiyyd and create an embassy. He'd only allow it if we paid him, which would probably result in us bankrupting ourselves.

    Perhaps in the meantime a memorial can be erected here on the Bluff. There is a lot of space on this land here. It as homed the Legion for a while now, it used to home the Kelemvorites, and it will likely home many of my kin in the near future. There is a lot more this land can be used for aside from the place everyone goes to to take the ferry across the Scar. While it may not be the same as putting up a memorial in Jiyyd itself, it would still be a reminder of what the town used to be and a symbol of our triumph."_