Keerla Mellow

  • Height: 4’9
    Weight: 90 pounds
    Skin Tone and texture: Slightly tanned smooth skin, with no visible scars, often she will be covered in bruises and small cuts but she always seems to heal cleanly with no scars.
    Eyes: Pleasant emerald green with flecks of copper.
    Hair (Color & Style): Her red hair is currently cut short. She keeps it clean and it smells slightly of roses.
    Recognizable Features: No tattoos that are visible when she is wearing her normal clothing. Though she does have a small slave brand burned into the very center of her back but she does her best to keep it covered and secret.
    Commonly spoken languages: speaks oddly accented and broken common as well as Elven, hin and Mulhorandi. Her broken common is heavily Thayen accented.
    Race: Elven. Though it is hard to tell what type of elven blood is mixed in her veins but it is likely some combination of sun elf and possibly wild or wood.

    Equipment: Keerla is ether in leather armour baring the colours of and heraldry of Knights Requietum or tasteful (at least by regular sunite standards) outfits. He cloak oddly enough is made of sharkskin. She has several light hand weapons strapped to her torso and a lovely cared for cherry longbow.Keerla also tends to stockpile potions and random items trying to be ready for any eventuality. Keerla wears a small colourful feather in her hair, she has gold loops in her ears and a stud in her nose. She wear a holy symbol of Sune on a leather thong around here neck.

    Description: Keerla is pretty much always happy, laughing and smiling and when she is not is usually because she is confused, which is happening less and less as she wraps her head around being free, or she is in such significant amount of pain that she can not think happy thoughts. She is also clearly young for a elf who is out in the world likely only around a century old and but surprisingly mature. She petite even for a elf though starting fill out she is likely the victim of malnutrition as a child and will never be very big. Indeed she is fit and healthy and despite a diet consisting of mostly sugar, meat and carrots, she has the build and figure of a gymnast.
    Theme Music:
    Everyday music: It's a good day - Kiss Me Yesterday's Electro Swing Remix.
    Fight music: Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling