Death on Narfell

  • After some discussion by the Team, we have agreed on a change to the death system.

    PC's will now die at -20, instead of -10, allowing a bit more of a chance to avoid that fatal hit.

    However, there will be no more heal checks to save PC's who die. You die, please do not ask to roll heal to save them.

    There will be no more XP leniency when a PC dies. The xp you lose on death at -20 is what you lose. Based upon the current system in place.

    TR's will ONLY be used for times when a DM feels they have misjudged or during any lag death scenarios which a DM is PRESENT for.

    As always, we will continue to work with the player base to better Narfell and will always take suggestions, so feel free to keep them coming even in regards to this specific topic.

    This will of course start when Dora has time to implement the changes. So don't go out thinking you will die at -20 until he tells you!