The Aftermath

  • Narfell PL

    A pack of weary, bloodied, and somewhat shell-shocked adventurers wander out of the Coldstones … and into the new hin settlement, the bulwark against the demons before the Crossroads, in Heroes Bluff.

    Some (ooc) division of spoils and the like occurred, before everyone went their separate ways, and some folks lingered a good while longer than the others. Out of these adventurers, Leena stayed close, and after some rest, approached the Legionnaires and Silver Valley Defenders, explaining the situation and how everything went down, in case they didn't get reports yet.

    She advised caution be increased in coming weeks, due to expected retaliation, to keep the defenders of the land busy and on the defensive. She expects aerial raids, as they're harder to detect, especially at night, and recommends keeping any additional patrols or defenses hidden, perhaps even cutting down the number of easily visible defenders, in order to surprise the sneaky attackers, should they come.

    That being complete, she'll spend a day or two shoring up defenses like she did as the place was being built, moving large quantities of earth, and shaping stone where needed, to repair and shore up what's there.

    Surely, the extra caution won't hurt, even if it doesn't pay off in other ways. The preparations for the final push are beginning here, and elsewhere, it seems.