Go Rin No Sho.

  • i tried to buy 'Legend of Five Rings' rpg collectors edition, but i was outbet.

    it's true work art - both illustratory and literary. so i bought inspiration for that rpg game - 'Book of Five Rings' by Miyamoto Musashi (Go Rin No Sho).

    i wished to support japanese arts, that's why.

    Musashi is considered 'Sword Saint' and revered by many through ages.

    He killed many men including his father at youth, so it's far from true holiness.

    But his dedication to way of sword is inspiring, he even resigned from having wife to not distract him from his way.

    i certainly do not wish to be like him, but i can respect his dedication to Martial Arts.

    This book should be used with my blogs, mostly with Martial Arts, Tactics & Combat Psychology.

    It's classical Martial Arts Philosophy source. it's about darker side of martial arts, i think, about false saint and i suspects it's possible cause of my martial arts obsession.

    Probably there are more causes, however. if i remember correctly it's not first time i bought this book - started at youth, but lost it.

  • 'i'll be as Air & Void,
    So empty, fluid & cold.
    i'll flow as water, feeling as a woman,
    And almost not as a man.

    Earth's protection is an important foundation,
    And little else of earth matters.
    ... i'll fight as a deadly mist,
    Without much of anger, without aggression of fire.

    ... i'll find strength, even in my weakness,
    as i did before'.