TARNATION! Cattle rustlin' in Norwick!

  • _The calm of early morning in Norwick is broken quite abruptly, as a flurry of noise and activity swarms around Farmer Gorm's ranch! Sometime during the night, some fiends or another seem to have made off with two of his prized head of cattle. Tracks seem to indicate that they were taken to the shore of the scar under cover of darkness, but as yet no witnesses seem to be coming forward with any information that could help put a face to these bedeviling bovine burglars.

    Who would do such a thing?_

  • On her tenday visit, Anna hears of what had transpired and sighs softly. Though what may have transpired may seem mundane, she would none the less try to find the culprits.

    She welcomes anyone near by to help assist her if need be to help search for clues and evidence.

    (Let me know if you'd rather have this investigation done in forums or in game!)