• Word spreads that an auction will be held soon in the Spellweavers, and there'll be games and food for everyone, too.
    Anyone that wants to auction their own items, should contact Bingo at the spellweaver, or María the headmistress, they will charge no fee to those wanting to do so.
    Bingo invites everyone to stop hoarding and share with the world what they won't use, and offers to everyone doing so a quantity of gold proportional to how many good magical items they participate with.

    ((I've noticed there's lot of people hoarding things that have been sitting in their PS forever. Whilst no one is obligued to do this, I think it'd do good to have some things move around and it gives a good opportunity for story stelling.

    There's no Scheduled date for this, but PM me if you wanna particiate with items))

  • Word spreads that it'd seem several people has taken interest in participating. Seems there'll be a lot of things to bid for….