Build 904p

  • Dev

    As of Build 904o
    The !skillcheck command no longer uses integers for skills. Instead, use the name of any skill, ability, or saving throw without spaces. The DC is optional.


    • !skillcheck will 20 - Rolls a Will saving throw vs DC 20.
    • !skillcheck dex 10 - Rolls a Dex check vs DC 10.
    • !skillcheck animalempathy - Rolls an Animal Empathy check with no DC.

    This is especially handy for when the game is paused.

    When DMs use this command, all PCs in the area will roll a check/save. DMs may use the option silent to send the results to the DM channel instead.

    Build 904p

    • Gonnar NPCs
    • Cosmetic fixes to skillchecks, die rolls
    • Two new DM chat commands for factions and AI on/off toggling
    • Updates to DMFI henchman function: NPCs targetted will fire henchman scripts until de-henched