Ute Snow

  • Narfell Developer

    Character: Ute Snow
    Player: its_a_fire

    • You want to know about Ute, yeh? Well it'll cost ya.

    • I dunno. How many coppers ya got?

    • You're a right honorable one. (Heh, idiot.)

    • The first thing ya wanna know is I ain't her friend. I don't care what she told ya, and don't make those surprised eyes at me. She told ya something or you wouldn't be asking me. I'm not her enemy or nothing. I'm a free woman of Peltarch, got me a proper job. Ain't no orphan now. I got no business in being cruel to people like that, but I ain't playing friends with them neither now that we're outta the Lighthouse.

    • You know the kind. I mean, you know her, yeh? A few fingers short of a hand. Cheese slipped off her cracker. Rungs loose in her ladder. She ain't slow, no, but you've heard her. Always running her mouth like there ain't a brain between it and wherever her ideas come from. And believe me, I don't wanna know where them come from. Moon-touched is what she is. That's the word.

    • Well I don't know about that, it's just what people say.

    • Adults at the orphanage. Priests. Priesteses. That's who. Take it up with them. I ain't the one who said it. Look, she's a sweet girl and all. I don't mean her no harm, but I ain't exactly encouraging this "best friend" business, ya know? That's all I'm saying.

    • Nah, we were friends enough once. I mean, she was a regular chatterbox before too. Maybe she made more sense, or maybe I was too small to know the difference.

    • 'Before what?' You're asking all these questions, and you didn't know? Maybe a little more coin then, if you're so curious.

    • Thank ye kindly. I'm surprised you didn't know. It were two years she laid in that bed. Sweatin', feverin', calling out all kinds of weird sounds. They called in all them priestlies and hedge witches and whatnot, but they all said the same thing. "Weird."

    • Well, aye, I imagine they said it in fancier words. But who's telling this story?

    • Selunites, Lathanderites, Chaunteans, them Triad folks, even the Mystrans came to see. We orphans weren't supposed to know two bits about it, and I'll only tell you this cuz you seem an honest sort, but I know for a fact they even took her to a right priest of Umberlee. None of them said any different. "Weird," is what they said. "Very peculiar."

    • Coughing up blood. Some days she'd be fine. Others she cried and coughed all day and couldn't catch her breath. Some days she walked like a ghost and the adults tried to keep her in bed so she wouldn't fall down stairs. But the worst was when she started talking. All kinds of stories. Stuff a girl wasn't supposed to know about

    • Wars, blood, dark magics, hunting. I mean, we hear about it in stories, but when she started babbling it was like she was there. She couldn't hear you neither. So no matter what was happening, you just had to wait it out. Right freaked us out every time it woke us up.

    • At night? Yeh, I guess. I wasn't always around. You know, not really being friends like I said. Mostly this is what them priestly sorts said. "She knows things she should not know. Names, places one does not learn reading a child's history of Peltarch."

    • Torm's truth. I swear. I heard them say that when Jimmy and I was hiding in th… What's it to ya anyway? She done something, hasn't she? You ain't with the Guard are ya?

    • Fine. Be that way. Look, you gonna buy some fish now or not? My boss were looking over here that whole time, and I'm gonna git it if you walk away with nothing.

    • Why thank you. Have a blessed day.