Currently Working on Irrigation Map (new sewer map)

  • OOC: This will be an expansion to the southern sewers. I'd like to talk to dm/devs to discuss what they'd like to see put in there if approved.

    A meeting can be arranged sometime on IRC if possible within a week or two, I I should have the prototype available by then.

    Basic concept/jist:

    The map will run about 18x18, and I will do my best to make it coherent to its whereabouts! For baddies, its up to DMs, but generally I was hoping for this to be free of cultists and undead riffraff unless DM spawned for whatever reasons.

    Critical systems will require DM unlocking to access, but otherwise there will be plenty to explore. For enemies, I was thinking maybe kobolds that tunneled in, rats, spiders, and usual sewer riffraff.

    I look forward to helping expand the narfell universe a little, and hope my ideas can be approved!