Relief Efforts

  • The Halfling Defence League

    With the end of the siege of Peltarch, a small, green-clad hin has made her presence known at the refugee camp. While she would not be a familiar face to any who lived there, she seems to take a very personal interest in aiding those eking out an existence along Heroes' Bluff, and spends time moving from tent to tent, trying to gauge what is needed by the people living there and how she might best help them.

    ((OOC: I don't know if there's a DM who's in charge of the refugees or not, but if there is one I'd love to know!))

  • ((I'm no DM obviously, but I would assume this thread belongs in the Rumor Caravan forums.

    Also, talk to Theaon IC about this as the refugees would probably point you in his direction.))