Roslyn Underhill

  • Race: Lightfoot Halfling

    Age: Approximately 25

    Height: 2'4", 73.6cm

    Weight: 21 pounds

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair Color: Black

    Skin Tone: Tanned. On skin that is normally covered by clothing, she is fair skinned.

    Recognizable Features: Ros is almost extraordinarily plain-looking, having no tattoos, scars, or other distinguishing marks that would set her apart from a crowd.

    Commonly Spoken Languages: Common (with a heavy hinnic accent), halfling, Damaran, Sign, Dwarven, Elven

    Equipment Worn: Ros wears an odd suit of armor which, at most times, appears to be a dull grayish-green. While attempting to hide, though, an effect much like a heat shimmer passes over her, before her gear takes on colors similar to her current surroundings. While it's not a perfect camouflage by any means, it does allow her to adapt to hide more effectively in her environment. Paired with this is a grayish mask which, she claims, is made from doppelganger hide, and a thick green cloak made of wyvernskin and clasped with a small pink and silver brooch.

    Around her waist is a toolbelt that further matches the colors of her armor, and is filled with a positively obscene array of tools and equipment used for both setting and removing traps, all of which are set in pockets lined with a lustrous black fur to dampen any noise of them moving around. Cinching this toolbelt together is a round buckle bearing an upright, open flayed palm.

    Around her neck is a thin golden chain suspending a round disk of obsidian with a darkened dreamjade fringe and three gold clouds set within. Though she is often tight-lipped about who gave her this piece of jewelry, she has intimated to many that it is in some way related to an organization called the "Night Parade".

    A pair of brown leather gloves cover her hands, and while they look ordinary at first, Ros is often seen flicking a large variety of trapping tools out from the fingertips of each. How they are hidden on there and whether they are hidden by mundane or magical means are things that Roslyn generally does not elaborate on.

    Known Relatives: Though she openly speaks about having grown up in the dock district, it doesn't seem as though any of her family survived (or, at the least, have been seen since) the Nexus War.

    Known Associates: Ros quite openly has an eclectic assortment of friends, and quite unabashedly associates with all manner of druids, elves, humans, monstrous humanoids, halflings, and many others. Most frequently, she is seen in the company of the bard Isolde Garibaldi, though she also frequently travels with members of the region's druid circle despite not being one herself. Very frequently - particularly when not in what would be considered a dangerous area, she is seen in the company of a snow white dog that is just a few inches taller than she is, and is quiet as a mouse.

    Reputation: At this point in her life, so many stories swirl around Roslyn's exploits that it is difficult to separate fact from fiction. Some - including Roslyn herself - would say that she's Narfell's greatest detective, and has spent the better part of her adult life squaring off against a mysterious cabal of mages that have plagued the upper echelons of Peltarchian society. Others that she's the pirate captain of a flying ghost ship, last seen destroying an ethereal, cloud-borne castle, or that she's used her wit and guile to almost single-handedly prevent an invasion of Peltarch by its enemies. Still others claim to have seen her turn into an avariel or a sea elf seemingly at will. It's even said that she is one of the central characters in a best-selling novel.

    If even half of the stories about her exploits are true, then it can be certain that while she may die young or she may die old, she'll never die of boredom.

    The one thing that nearly all can agree on, however, is that she has a penchant for trying to turn enemies into allies - and that while that does often put her at greater risk than she ought to face, she also succeeds far more often than one might expect.

    Theme Song: Blood in the Water by Oh He Dead

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