Lady Kathea Snyder

  • Height 5'6"
    Weight Average
    Skin Tone Moderately Tanned
    Skin Texture Smooth
    Eyes Light Blue
    Hair Reddish-orange
    Accent Semmite
    Recognizable Features Usually at least slightly provocatively dressed
    Commonly spoken languages Common
    Race Human
    Equipment Worn About town Usually seen in expensive, and fashionably styled clothing.
    Adventuring She is often seen in her ancient Netherese runed armor, wielding her dragon stylized mithril elven thinblade and a platinum tower shield. Occasionally uses her ashen longbow. Various other magical trinkets worn.
    Equipment Carried Healing kit(s), potions of various sorts, holy symbol
    Left Handed or Right Handed Right handed
    Jewelry or Decorations Some rings on fingers. Pierced ears, belly button, and nipples.
    Relatives Syliri Snyder (Twin sister). Parents are deceased. No other known family.
    Body Build Femme Fatale
    Titles/Positions Peltarch Dame, Priestess of Sharess, Voice of the People

  • Coat of Arms: