Build Update: 8.76b

  • Running list of changes since last build:

    Repaired hc_on_act_item: bard items and such should work again.
    Adjusted magic vestament
    Fixed simultanious dicerolls
    On Client Enter reorganized
    Added further PrC support
    Henchment death script fix applied
    Fixed ITemProperty spells so they do not stay on server reset
    Animal faction adjusted
    Wild Magic fixed
    Many invisible placeables no longer sitable in Peltarch ( don't need four more sit scripts, thanks. ) Please compile list of broken chairs and we will put sit scripts on them later.
    Warning sign constructed inside Norwick's south gate.
    The remainder of the PrCs have licences now
    Construction removed from GC
    New Orc Stronghold is in.
    Dulcimer quest fixed ( yeah, that dulcimer quest )
    Stoneskin increased in duration and damage absorbed.
    Door locking functions removed from GC cit papers. ( if you roll up a paper and put it in a keyhole, the door will not open ) An actual key is serving this function. Talk to the GC herald to get it. Don't lose it now, or the King will be mad. 😉
    All areas will be adjusted acordingly as we find doors keyed to cit papers
    GC herald moved inside gate
    Spiders and gnolls reworked by Kerby: EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT THEM IS WRONG. You have been warned.