The One True Way ....

  • Legion

    The following is a collection of scrolls and scraps of velum onto which are scrawled proverbs and random pieces of "wisdom". Most are written in Shou, while some are in common. Occasionally seemingly random words in the texts are written in infernal. Most of the text is written in a form of poetry roughly resembling the parallelisms and chiasms commonly found in holy texts.


    _The One True Way

    To light a candle is to cast a shadow.
    The "Holy" knights bring their own darkness to the world
    Yet even darkness holds enlightenment,
    In the wake of their strife is found truth.

    "How can there be only One True God?" they may say.
    They argue "There are many gods in the heavens!".
    But they only see their present. They ponder not the end.
    It is at the conclusion of the mater where truth is found. Not in current circumstances.

    A fox in a coop with a pair of chickens.
    Are there three animals in the coop?
    To say so is to rage against truth.
    Wisdom says "there is only one animal - having dinner."_


    _There is one who wears a mask, yet toils to bring about truth
    Another who is in plain sight, and is a prophet of falsehood.

    Who deserves to live?
    Who is worthy of death?

    And what is "life"?
    What is to be feared after "death"?

    Both life and death are in the hands of the powerful.
    Power alone defends life and brings death.
    Yet more power is in the tongue than in the arm of a warrior.
    A word in it's place more devastating than any spell.

    A forest is set ablaze with just one spark.
    The course of a mighty ship is changed by a small rudder.
    So a subtle word can bring about great change,
    And accurate speaking bring down an empire._

  • Legion

    Written shortly after the destruction of the temple in Oscura.

    The ant hill washed away by the rain, the ants perish
    house of worship in ruins, the "faithful" scatter.

    It is better to build a house on stone than on shifting sand.
    is better to accept the void, than it is to grovel at the throne of false gods.

  • Legion


    _I communed with my heart, saying, “Look, I have done well! I have gained wisdom beyond those around me. My heart has understood great wisdom and knowledge.”

    And I set my heart to know wisdom and to know madness and folly. I perceived that this is useless, like grasping for the wind.

    For in much wisdom is much grief,
    And he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.

    What is crooked cannot be made straight,
    And what is lacking cannot be numbered.

    There is only death.


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    Just judgments.


    The only difference between the two is restraint.

    And a fish._

  • Legion


    _The King says;

    "I am their leaader! The people are mine!

    The people have spoken, I must obey."_

    ((OOC: Donald trump got me thinking about democracy. My thoughts then went back to a line from "Yes Prime Minister". RIP Paul Eddington))

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    Ask if someone is lying.
    The liar will say they are not lying.
    The honest will say they are not lying.
    So nobody is a liar!

  • Legion


    _The holy knight rides out to bring light to the world
    To slay the enemy priests and banish the darkness.

    He murders the priest, and yet spares the priest's son.
    He has mercy on the child, restraining his righteous hand.

    Darkness grows in the heart of that son.
    In the shadows he plots revenge.
    Has the world been made a better place?
    Has mercy brought light or darkness?_


    _The blade is the agent of chaos.

    Where there is one, the blade makes two.
    Where there is order, the blade brings disorder.
    Where there is life, the blade takes it away.

    All who wield the blade bring chaos,
    And unknowingly honor the Black Sun.
    All piety eventually leads into him
    For he is the One True God._