• Yarr, kudos to everyone at the auction, a stellar example of how a fun time can be created without DM presence! Apologies again for the delayed start, though. πŸ™‚

  • A big kudos to everyone who went on the Cold Caves trip this evening - I had a blast. πŸ˜„

    And a special kudos to DM Squirrelcaster who spiced things up with the dreaded Dead Ore clan. :ninja: :ninjadart:



  • Kudos to Emerwyn (Scarlet) and Karnivorrr (Sabre) for a fantastic auction! πŸ™‚

    There were lots of interesting items and a motley bunch that Z rarely gets an IC chance to associate with.

    Kudos to everyone - it was a lot of fun! πŸ˜„


  • More kudos to CB and the fanatical four dwarves for a late Sunday romp through the gnoll woods, who proved again victorious against the gnoll who was fed way too much spinach! Always a blast having spur of the moment trips spiced up a little. πŸ™‚

    First the kuo-toa, now the gnoll. I'm starting to think Bufflin is a magnet for over-sized brutes!

  • Agreed, another one of BR's very interesting cinematic events. A perfectionist down to the finest detail and a joy to play with. πŸ™‚

  • Bloody roaring kudos to Bloodyroar.

    I spend days getting "Loaded for bear" to be ready for a big scary event, against big scary bads, and come prepared for a fight… only to have to use my brain to get through it instead!

    I've always loved events like this. Thanks for keeping us on our toes!

  • Kudos to Bloodyroar for the Mor'Salen event and kudos to Clownbaby for some late night dwarf action!

  • Hear hear! Even without the big uh-oh at the end, that event was nerve-wrackingly intense. This ~really~ sets the mood for what's to come… 8O

  • Kudos to DM Bloodyroar & players for Mor'Salen fun.

    … another part of the plot.

  • Kudos to Clownbaby and the daring dwarves (+Shes) for a fun afternoon of giant bashing and the hysterical follow-up drink off for the one ring! ^_^

  • More kudos to the Clownbaby! Oodles upon oodles of fun with dwarves vs giants, and later, dwarves vs dwarves in hilarious drink-off for the treasure! xD

  • Clownbaby kudos as above, for the Druid-flavored fun additions, too. Yay AE ^_^

    Ew Bulette drool!

  • Kudos to Clownbaby for stirring some unexpected excitement on a regular ole Thursday evening! I loved the giant stone fist, just a shame there was no Nica petrification trouble. xD

  • Kudos to Thurgood yet again, without him the forums would never run properly. (Problem seems to be solved) We all owe you large buddy, you the man!

  • Echoing Karni's kudos. Was a great weekend of events filled with laughs and tense moments. It's days like those that keep me hooked on Narfell. πŸ™‚

  • Huge kudos to DM SquirrelCaster for another action-packed adventure into the frigid mountains.

    And kudos to the adventuring party, as well. Despite having a ton of RL work to do, I'm glad you were able to drag ol' Z out of the craft hall to help you on your quest. I had a blast.

    Thanks! πŸ˜„


  • Seconded kudos from Karni's post, above.

    The total unexpected (And my first) Squirrelcaster event was hilariously fun, a little scary, and satisfying to the core. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    The intrigue from Bloodyroad has me on my toes, and I can't wait for more.

    What a good weekend. ^_^

  • Big kudos to both Squirrelcaster and Bloodyroar for filling the weekend with fun events, expected and unexpected both - and to the awesome players who shared in the shenanigans! Elvadriel's panicking in the great escape from the smuggler's cove is probably what made me giggle the most. xD

  • Kudos to DM & players involved in Mor'Salen plot.

  • Kudas for sure for DM SquirrelCaster, the mining trip was awesome and sich a good group of adventurers