• New Kudos Thread, due to trimming of forums.

  • Kudos to DM Xanatos Gambit for a SM Card chest event.

    It felt nice to see cards of Attentus and Chea Allin in the loot.

    ... 🙂

  • Kudos to DM Gatekeeper for the Haunted Mansion with Devils event.

    Little Lady Tisha made me smile. 🙂

  • Kudos to DM Gatekeeper, who despite subjecting the party to fresh fiends (albeit devils), also gave me the biggest laugh of my weekend. You know what you did! XD

  • Peltarch Employee

    Kudos to WIldling and all that helped Wildling play out her vision for her plot. There was a tremendous amount of work put into it

  • I want to give huge, colossal and gargantual kudos to everyone who has participated in A Dance with Demons plot. It's been a great ride, and I'd thoroughly loved to have all of you along. A very special thanks goes to DrD and GoS for providing the maps for the finale. They were made with such dedicated passion that I can be nothing but amazed in reverence to your wonderful efforts.

    In no particular order, I also want to thank the players that made my latest incursion as Narfell DM one to remember and treasure, with a special mention to those that are always a delight to share game time with, such as Karnivorr, itsafire, wouldbebard, GoS, KingCreeper...

    Very special thanks to the DM team for giving me the chance to once again share some stories with these people from the DM client, to Dorakhan for his eternal patience, and the DMs that I have nothing but admiration for - Flom, Caoimh, Gonnar, DrD, Bastage, MCP... each in their own style, true fonts of creativity and knowledge for me to drink from, and to learn from. You are an inspiration and a delight to share a DM team with.

    Too many names to remember, but I hope most of you also will remember some of the time spent with my DM avatar as good experiences, that was my only hope and aim. With much love, I hope we will share some more time in future!

  • Big kudos to DM Wildling for A Dance With Demons - the final chapter of which I dare say pushed our intrepid party to the extremes, well befitting a raid into the actual Abyss. Not just fright but a few surprises were served up along the way, as well as an ending on a bittersweet note. And of course, big kudos to all who dared take the plunge, as well as to all those who contributed to the plot along the way but were unable to join the final ride. Well played, all!

  • Kudos to DM Lazarus for an audience with the one and only Ostromog! I love coming into contact with those legendary figures firmly rooted in Narfell's history, and his Bugberric Majesty did not disappoint. Extra points for an all too plausible IG reason as to why a certain Balor and Bebilith deserted their invasion points...

  • Dev

    Kudos to the all players who were brave enough to explore the Murderous Eastern Long Road, and to DM Lazarus for the fitting event in that exploration trip (and, man, that large party managment).

    I had great fun! Even when at some point it became a carnage due to the unbalanced automated encounter, but guess this kind of raw testing helps to tweak things in the server by drawing a slim line between the tough and the overkill.

  • Peltarch Employee

    Thanks Cilba for the event, it was fun!

  • Kudos to all of you who've made it fun to run events. You're all good people. And also Seisan.

  • Kudos to DM Cilba and the whole intrepid party (the valiant steeds and chair included) for a showdown in the AIR! A fun format, leaving ample room for RP flavour and inventiveness!

  • Big ol' kudos to DM Lazarus for the Bride of Winter event/s - atmospheric and well executed with challenge enough to go around the rather large group, but the extra zest for me was having Nica stand face to face with her own mother's old-time foe! Surprisingly not in order to break his fangs, either...

  • I want to say thanks to Unholy, Flom, Caoimh and Wildling for events large, small, joyful, whimsical and foreboding this weekend. Each has made for very entertaining moments. And also a big thanks for the players who I got to share those moments with, from trying to jump in front of my character with a flame resistant shield to asking if that's a halberd in his pocket. I might not always find the time to type a reaction, but I do notice.

  • A big thank and kudos to Creeper, Seisan, Goddess of Spite, and DM Cilba!! I was admittedly having a bit of a rough irl go of it yesterday, and RPing, adventuring, and trying to NOT be turned into chocolate together was such a fun time, and cheered me up so much!!!!! And extra thanks for taking the time to include me and teach me some ropes as a newbie!! You guys are absolute sweethearts♥

  • Honking big kudos to DM Lazarus for a worthy finale to the Plarge Plotte! That was atmospheric, darkly gothic with a tasty frisson of mystery and frightening enough for several oh my gosh nooo we're all boned moments! Despite a very real danger, we emerged with just one man down which I attribute to an able team and (maybe) a tiny bit of luck. Well done all! 😄

  • Kudos to DM Serendipity for the TEN THOUSAND CHASMES that our intrepid team rushed straight into like a bunch of fearless heroes! Just how ill adviced that was soon became apparant, but with grit and good teamwork we persevered, so go team, too! That event pushed the whole group to its limits I dare say, well done finding that fine line.

    Kudos also to those who've helped me dust off a very old character from the vault and helped me find new enjoyment in playing her. 😄

  • Kudos to Dorakhan, Dr Dreadlock, Tpickles, and the entirety of the dev team for their impressive creative work and making Narfell fun to play. The new items, new crafting options, new areas (and dungeons), and new classes are all very exciting.

  • Well deserved KUDOS for the demon event.

  • Kudos to DM Serendipity for a demon-packed weekend, keeping me and many others on our toes at nearly all times - well done for both the random little scares and the larger scale events!