• New Kudos Thread, due to trimming of forums.

  • Kudos to Bastage for a crazy trip through a demoncyst, to Flom for the war to reclaim Peltarch's lost lands and of course to all the players involved. Both were pretty dangerous events. It was fun to hit the old 'Near Death' mark in both but still manage to push through.

  • Big ole kudos to DrD for our rescue of the slaves. Great job players, was a fun afternoon romp with a bit of hard to find trust in there 🙂

  • Kudos to DM Underhill and the intrepid group of Bards, (Plus Reemul and Shesarai) for an unexpected and very challenging adventure in Fey Land. I wasn't sure any of us would survive after both fighters got turned to stone during the toughest battle. Isolde and Shesarai had to fight them off by ourselves.


  • Kudos to DMs and players alike for an action- and intrigue-packed weekend's Narfing. From clandestine meetings to unexpected pixie rescue and highway robbery of a dragon's hoard worth of riches, a good time was most certainly had. 😄

  • Kudos to DM Underhill for bringing the druid's circle to life with all its cool NPCs, rich history and lore to draw on! It's most definitely enhancing my very first experience of playing a druid. 😄

  • Kudos for more murder mystery, this time with DM Wowbagger at the helm! Great fun and well worth gritting through an unfortunate headache for. Additional kudos to DM Xanatos Gambit for Geoff, the asshole lich who keeps on giving immature yet deadly guff. 😁

  • Kudos to everyone! I don't think I've witnessed the level of player feedback and staff being able to act on it (on top of throwing regular events!) like what's been happening for awhile. Players, devs, dms, y'all are doin great stuff!

  • And another heap of kudos to the same DM and largely the same team for an abduction turned haunted house experience!

  • Kudos to DM Xanatos Gambit for a murder mystery with a decidedly unexpected twist! And to all the party members who came along for the ride and added their unique flair to events.

  • Kudos to DM Lazarus for combining scary, peculiar and hilarious in yesterday's little outing - and in particular for the mystery gift exchange afterwards. While my character quite recklessly kept exchanging and putting it all to chance, she has no regrets and I got to explore a potential additional character flaw to her name while at it. And even OOCly, it's fun to see what the system comes up with. XD

  • @flom said in Kudos:

    Narfell owes a great deal of its success to the development team. It is with pride I can tell others that Narfell has, in my view, the best developers.

    Thank you, development team.

    I will second that. So many changes in so short a time. Soooo much cool stuff.

  • Narfell owes a great deal of its success to the development team. It is with pride I can tell others that Narfell has, in my view, the best developers.

    Thank you, development team.

  • Kudos for flom fun today as well as big kudos to devs for new content. The quest was great. A good few hour trip

  • Shout out to the players of Varak, Ghan and Seh'ria. Enjoyed our adventures, deadly or not, looking forward to more!

  • Kudos to Unholy for the war of the Purifiers. Was great fun!

  • Indeed, Kudos. A tense moment that actually put a knot in my gut as I waited to see if the Defenders were going to make the attempt. Well done.

  • Indeed, lots of kudos for the rousing city intrigue of late!

  • Kudos on the coding efforts to resolve the recent issues, and the excellent RP generated by way of folk congregating from surrounding villages by the market stalls. It's the new place to be it seems...

    Excellent city intrigue and excitement recently, really great goings on. Kudos Xanatos Gambit. and the players involved.

  • Kudos to tpickles and the other devs for all of the improvements and new systems!

    Player shops, map pins, hunting system, crafting, etc. Great improvements and so much fun! 🙂