Player Owned Shops

  • In an effort to streamline the way player owned stores work, and to avoid situations where things were being sometimes overcomplicated or hard to explain from an RP standpoint, from now on all player owned shops get a choice upon being requested and imported into the module. The choice is whether the store will be a Crafting Store or a General Store.

    Crafting Store

    The PC or organisation in possession of a Crafting Store can only sell goods related to any crafting profession, including materials and bags at any price as long as the crafter pricing policies are respected.

    General Store

    Anything and everything goes except for what can be sold at Crafting Stores. The price of the goods can be freely adjusted by the seller. Only crafted goods and crafting materials are barred from being sold in a general store.

    Players and organisations who already own a store please contact me via forum PM, IRC or ingame stating which kind of store will theirs be as soon as possible, so that I can add it to our database and it can be tracked. The change is immediate, with a one-week period of leniency for players to think it over and adapt to this new policty as needed. By the 1st of Sept I need all player owned stores to have been locked as either Crafting or General.

  • Dev

    For information on getting a player shop, please see the wiki

    Unpinning this post.

  • A clean sweep will be happening for player shops that have been inactive. Any shop remaining unaddressed starting the week of 4/23/23 will be cleared on a random date and time.

  • Effective immediately, ALL player-owned shops may be of mixed content.

    Note that we will likely be attempting to phase out the old-style shops due to lack of item capacity constraints, so please be gentle with the persistent storage systems.

  • As a heads up, it's two days until the deadline, and a few store owners haven't yet reported which kind of store will be theirs.

    By 1 of september I'll assume that all stores who haven't been reported are General stores, and proceed to remove any crafted goods being sold on them.