House in nars pass, off of misty pond

  • Legion

    Acuise Strongbow recently found a home in Nars pass, the one connected to the misty pond. It's un enter able in the game, but to Acuise it looked like a good building. Door needs replaced, probably some other things need done to it, but i was was if Acuise could renovate it. Or possibly even hire someone else to do it. It seems that most of the koblods stay away from it, and don't spawn close to it. Also, it has a nice few of the forest and of a waterfall. But anywho, let me know in-game or on the Forums what i need to do if it's a go. Thanks for taking you time reading this and i am grateful for everything you all do (not trying to kiss butt right now, just haven't properly said thank you for everything you all do) and if i get a go ahead i'll be even more gracious. Thanks for reading, see ya in-game Very Happy