Fallen Dwarf recovered

  • Elyl Wefneren and Z, accompanied by a small sparkly dragon, reportedly return from the caverns under Sam's Hill with the body of a fallen dwarf, name unknown, killed by the draghazar. His items have been stowed somewhere or other that the other two guys probably know better than I.

  • After delivering the body to the Dwarven temple, Z informs the priest that the Dwarf's kin can collect his gear in the Norwick Craft Hall. He also tells the priest that their back door is unlocked.

    ///ICly, Z would have just left the gear at the temple, but a reset would mean it goes bye-bye. So, I stowed it.

    If you want your gear, PM me. We can figure out a time to meet IG. If not, I'll just deliver it all to the Dwarven Hold and it will go away next reset.


    ///P.S. DMs - I'm pretty sure that back gate to the Dwarven Hold is supposed to be locked…