Build 903ZB

  • Narfell DM

    Spell Fixes

    • Fixed Bigby's Crushing Hand spell
    • Changed Banishment spell so that familiars/animal companions are just unsummoned, not killed
    • Fixed call lightning so extended duration occurs after level cap of 10 rather than before.
    • Wild/null magic message colors corrected.
    • Added "Evil Blight" (Cleric 5, Sorc/Wiz 6) and "Tide of Battle" (Sorc/Wiz 9) to spell lists. Requires client-side override to use.

    NPC Changes

    • Magic eaters will no longer return spells at their caster, but instead count this as having "eaten" two spells.


    • Maps for ClownBaby
    • NPCs for Emerwyn


    • RP XP now allows you to earn XP (10 1e) for simply being in the game and not AFK.
    • Saving throws of 1 are no longer auto-fail. This applies to both PCs and NPCs.
    • Shop item fixes where certain items were not infinite.
    • Black Sails Shoppe fix (new NPC)
    • HCR traps removed in some areas
    • Gnoll warning signs and Peltarch presence removed from in and around Nars Pass - Bridge map
    • Added construct template token for DMs