Please Help: The Quest for an Ancient Friend

  • Greetings Narfell,

    When I was a fringe player many, many years ago in my early teenage years, I was simply unable to understand how roleplay in general worked, and how a community like Narfell, in particular, worked. I tried for quite some time, long enough to remember the name Narfell, but never truly integrated. To be honest, I don't even remember to name of my character I played here.

    There is one thing I do very much remember, however. That is a man I made friends with, but have lost contact with. His character's name in Narfell was Malliss(sp?) Twee. He played a halfling rogue who was tricky by nature.

    Beyond NWN, his AIM name was GKTTurtle, and he had a brief venture as Trash Phantom Entertainment. This is all the identifying information I know.

    He once tried to back up Narfell's character database, but was met with staunch resistance. I remember that. If anybody can help me out, I would appreciate it so much.

  • Greetings, Overlord. Been a long time.

    It is Mallis Twi. I haven't been able to play much at all, but I check every so often. I miss all my old friends and the adventures we all had and shared (even if I played an ass). But 16 years is a long time, and life can get in the way.

    Not sure if you'll see this (am 6 years late), but let's catchup. Let me know if you want to get into game.

  • Mallis Twi, he's not active but did poke his head in here on occasion. The only thing I can think of is to leave him a forums pm with your contact info and hope he pops back in at some point. On Narfell he's "ihatemundays".