Moob's Random New PC Rules

  • Moob’s Random PC Rules!

    Inspired by Wywernwin’s great idea for making random characters, I’ve made this chart. Basically for any low level weekends, anyone who plays in my events (and maybe other DMs if they’re nice and want to use this chart) has an option to make a new PC by these random rolls. I’ll be doing the rolls using an online d100 roller. So you could end up with a half-orc paladin/wizard, an evil gnome barbarian/bard, all sorts of fun things. And yes, there is a rare option to get a monstrous, Duergar, Svirfneblin or Drow character. However, strict conditions apply for anyone lucky enough to roll into one of those. Beyond what is rolled, the player has choice as to what they do, so ability scores, feats, deity, are up to the player based on the framework of what they have rolled.

    You may wonder “why do this, I don’t want to be gimped with a half-orc monk/wizard”. Answer is quite simple. Anyone who is willing to partake in this fun activity will be given a boost to starting level (decided by the DM, depending on how gimped your race/class combination is), starting gear, and a personal quest (can take friends, obviously) if the bizarro character you make up ever reaches level 10. It’s sometimes fun to get out of your comfort zones to try something new, so I encourage it!

    However to prevent constant random rolls to get what you want, you only get one chance per Lowbie/New character weekend.


    1-50: Male
    51-100: Female

    Race 1

    1-34: Human
    35-44: Half-elf
    45-54: Elf
    55-67: Dwarf
    68-77: Gnome
    78-87: Halfling
    88-99: Half-orc
    100: Monstrous race (DM’s choice)

    Race roll 2

    For elf:

    1-40: Moon Elf
    41-60: Wood Elf
    61-75: Wild Elf
    76-99: Sun Elf
    100: Drow

    For dwarf:

    Shield Dwarf: 1-65
    Gold Dwar:f 66-99
    Duergar: 100

    For halfling:

    Lightfoot: 1-60
    Strongheart: 61-90
    Ghostwise: 91-100

    For gnome:

    Rock gnome: 1-99
    Svirfneblin: 100

    For half-elf:

    Half-Elf: 1-99
    Half-Drow : 100

    Class roll 1

    9-16: Ranger
    17-24: Paladin
    25-32: Barbarian
    33-40: Fighter
    41-48: Rogue
    49-56: Bard
    57-64: Sorcerer
    65-72: Wizard
    73-80: Cleric
    81-88: Druid
    89-100: Race’s preferred class

    Class roll 2 (multiclass, if roll on already selected class or incompatiable alignment class then no multiclass)

    1-45: No multiclass
    46-50: Druid
    51-55: Monk
    56-60: Ranger
    61-65: Paladin
    66-70: Barbarian
    71-75: Fighter
    76-80: Rogue
    81-85: Bard
    86-90: Sorcerer
    91-95: Wizard
    96-100: Cleric

    Alignment roll (to be redone if alignment cannot be used with class combination)

    91-100: Player’s choice