Militia Drills

  • The halfling warrior Mara Hiltold, also known as Mooncandy with Theaon's approval has began helping the silver valley run drills to protect the town, working in conjuction with the Silver Dragoons to sharpen their minds, strengthen their bodies, and offer her skills and experience on the field of battle to them. While pushing them to their limits, bringing them to the brink of exhaustion, she looks determined to train them, wanting to protect the place she has called home for so many years. Though not without mercy and kindness, while her demeanor is stoic, the softer side of her shows now and then to those who seemed disheartened, offering an encouraging pat on the back, a warm smile, and guidance when more direct approaches don't seem to work.

    "We must all fight to protect our homes, and protect the people we love. Moon just pray that those in charge of evacuation will keep people safe…"