• Eilonna is seen directing scouts into the Southern Forests of Norwick with orders to report on any Orc activities. She would then see to starting patrols to the south herself.

  • It seems that the vast majority of Norwick's refugees have returned to Norwick until a safe and secure location can be found.

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    ///Sorry for the late post, but this seems to be happening very quickly. We’ve, basically, had 2 RL days from talks of evacuation to actual evacuation with little time for people to chime in.

    Also, no offense, but shouldn't a DM be posting about the actions of NPCs? Maybe Destiny has the green light for this, no problem. I was just wondering because it’s my understanding that the DMs post for NPCs.


    //Everything that has happened has been RPed IG through PC interactions, and its been going on longer than 2 days, it may have just been 2 RL days ago that Z heard of it. As a DM, I have just been there to enforce the PC's decisions, not make them. If Z has been left out of the loop, I would say that it is an IC issue he should take up with those PC's that have the authority to make said decisions.

    As far as the actions of the NPC's, there have really been none. And if it is not in the forums as common knowledge, it probably isn't.
    Lets keep this topic IC, I'd be glad to respond to any PM's if you have questions.

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    1. The women and children were already evacuated, all thats left are those that wish to fight.

    2. DM Clownbaby knows about the post as we did this ICly together.

  • Z, for what it’s worth, spends some time speaking to many of his friends in the farming community. For now, he advises that they do NOT evacuate to the fields outside the Temple of Kelemvor.

    Has this plan been thought through? I’m not so sure.

    I’m not a military tactician or general, but whatever vermin attack our gates could easily head north, capture and/or kill all of our loved ones, and win the war - simple. I mean, if our families aren't going to be safe in a walled town, protected by their own friends and family members (and whatever troops we can manage), they certainly aren't going to be safe in some open field just north of the town that’s being attacked. Right? They’ll be sittin’ ducks! It’s just common sense.

    If I’m missin’ somethin’ please explain it to me because I, for the life of me, can’t see how an open field that is surrounded by hostiles is gonna be a safe place for our people.

    That said, I’m not sayin’ that we don’t evacuate the people who can’t fight and the children. If war is truly comin’ we certainly need ta get ‘em outta harm’s way. I’m just sayin’ that we need to get them to a safe place, that’s all.

    ///Sorry for the late post, but this seems to be happening very quickly. We’ve, basically, had 2 RL days from talks of evacuation to actual evacuation with little time for people to chime in.

    Also, no offense, but shouldn't a DM be posting about the actions of NPCs? Maybe Destiny has the green light for this, no problem. I was just wondering because it’s my understanding that the DMs post for NPCs.


  • Eilonna is seen walking through town and grabbing her horse and riding out to the temple of Kelemvor, after setting up a large number of tents she is seen riding back again and arrives at the Grapevine and begins escorting people to Aura Runedar where they seem to disappear, they later appear at the temple of Kelemvor unharmed and happy. On her way back though she tackles a group of bandits killing all but two who are escorted by her men into Norwicks jail for processing before she moves to Silver Valley and escorts the rest of the people from there to the Temple taking several trips before returning to process the people with Voss

  • Eilonna receives a letter and nods calling out for several of her better armed Militia to join her as she looks to the Elders of Silver Valley, a smile greets them as she speaks in a soft and reassuring tone, simply saying it is time to go to the Temple of Kelemvor, that they will be going through Aura Runedar to ensure their safety even further and that she and her men here will be escorting them all the way to the Temple. When they are ready, her and her men begin the escort detail to Aura Runedar to meet with Beorn

  • Word is sent to Beorn that the first group of evacuee's are ready to make the trip to Kelemvors temple if he will permit the folk of Silver Valley through the tunnels. She waits patiently for his response as she continues to try to amuse the children and calm the nerves of the adults with fresh tea and good conversation

  • Eilonna is seen among them speaking softly with the elders and offering some teddies and treats to the young children to comfort them, she advises them that she and a group of her men will escort them to the Temple of Kelemvor who has promised them sanctuary and protection on their lands, and to let her know when they are ready to move out

  • It seems there are no more rooms available at the Grapevine Inn,as there has been an increase in visitors to Norwick from the Silver Valley. The Hins and Gnomes made up of mostly women and children looked nervous and out of place as they arrived with their large packs, apparently not planning to go back to the Valley for sometime.

  • Cray was in Norwick briefly, meeting with Eilonna in the Militia barracks.

    Then a short time later, Cray was seen going to the Temple of Kelemvor and donating a large box of food.

    ((Box placed inside the temple.))

    It seems that just as in the past war, Cray rallies to Norwick's call for aid. He obviously maintains some sort of personal attachment to this particular backwater outpost. What those exact attachments are, is anyone's guess.

  • Eilonna smiles to Cray thanking him for his consideration and that she will let him know immediately if the services are needed.

  • Upon hearing rumour of this, Cray seeks out Eilonna and offers to transport people and supplies with his ship at no charge, in the event Norwick is besieged by land.

    If anyone asks Cray about his kind offer, he replies matter of factly:

    "Charitable deeds and good relations, are an integral part of any successful business enterprise."

  • Eilonna is seen going separately to each home in Norwick and sitting down with the people of the city in respect, most of them being people and families she has known since Norwick was built. She speaks to them with the greatest respect and understanding as she knows this message will be the hardest thing since Ostromog.

    My dear friends, we have all faced trouble before here in Norwick, and always have we stood strong. Much time has changed and through the greatest difficulties we have always kept true to our beliefs. War is slowly coming to our gates again my friends. I for one know that you will not openly abandon your homes, to ask that of you would be fruitless. So instead I ask this of you, send your young and someone from your family to care for them, their mother or their father, the other can come up and join with the Militia to help defend…or at the worst....take back our lands. This way your children will be safe enough to come back and continue your home and the future you have imagined for them.

    The evacuation will be set for the Temple of Kelemvor, Father Thander has already promised sanctuary and supplies needed to any families that evacuate. I know what I am asking of each of you is a very....very tough choice and one I do not take any pride in asking. Yet one I know we all wished we had the chance to do carefully when Ostromog and his beasts attacked us. I will leave the choices to you, if you require help to do this, please just send me word and I will send help or come personally to help you evacuate those that need it.

    Thank you again for your understanding, and I really...really hope it will not be long before this threat is passed and your loved ones can return home...

  • For many nights Eilonna is seen heading out of the city bow drawn, only to return many hours later laying fresh pelts in the bins of the Crafters Union and begins curing and preserving meats, only to venture out again.

  • Eilonna, Theaon and Moon are seen entering the Council Hall of Norwick where they remain behind closed and locked doors for several hours, no one knows what is discussed, only that when they part, they seem to be of a calm mind.

  • Eilonna is later seen coming back in town tired and worn carrying two bodies over her shoulder and bringing them to Yllalynn before heading into the barracks to sit and write her reports