Anna Blake, Apprentice of Yllalynn

  • Having grown up in Peltarch, Anna came from a noble family who owned a significant amount of farmland to the west. Growing up an arrogant girl, to teach the young woman humility, her parents had her often spend time and assist the commoners and peasents with the harvest.

    Over the years, Anna grew quite fond of what she had been doing, only to be somewhat devastated to find out her parents had sold the farm without consulting her since they found more fruitful opportunity in Damara.

    In protest, she defied her parents wishes to come along, the stubborn girl finally having her parents concede to her will, though this time for the right reasons. Staying in Narfell, Anna decided to train in Norwick with Yllalynn to become a priestess of Chauntea, and work to continue to assist the local populace.

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