New Whispers at the Fire

  • The night immediately following the Duergar attack on the Dwarven Hold, a shadowed, heavily robed figure is seen moving around in the dead of night, talking to survivors from the attack. As the night progressed, whispers of wealth and security could be heard through the dwarven populace, and a number of dwarves are seen following and leaving the town with the robed figure, all the way to Oscura...

  • A wave of consternation seems to go around the normally sleepy town of Norwick, with farmers complaining about things going missing, including cows and sheep.

    Shiny things especially disappear, with the missing animals apparently still in place, simply invisible, and the shiny things going missing entirely

    One guard who was known for being rather unpleasant gets his comeuppance when his pants disappear while he is on shift near the campfires

    The only clue is some glittering dust left behind whenever things go missing...

  • After much rest, and more than a few jugs of wine. Cormac Randolph returns to Norwick, and there too he tells his account of the siege in Peltarch. The saga begins with himself, a lone rider approaching from the south.

    "..and as I looked across the sorry battlefield I couldn't believe my eyes. The Ogres' siege weapons had caused panic and scattering among the ranks of those heroes who had sallied out to meet them. All appeared confusing.. chaotic. Grrrhhh... what else was I to do? I drew my sword and blasted my horn to signal my arrival; and charged heedlessly into battle with the first beast I saw. One fell easy, the next I charged and was rushed from the side by an ally! He smashed my horse's skull and I was thrown, vulnerable and injured from the fall. I pushed myself up, and with sword and shield in hand, I rejoined the fight..."

    His tale continues with an account of much blood and gore. He spares no detail in the savagery of his longsword and his axe; a great deal of self praise is given to himself and his battle prowess.

    "...All at once, from the North I watched as a flaming boulder fell from on high; black smoke streaking from behind like the tail of some malicious beast. When I saw it land upon the great bear I knew as my good friend Uljas's wife, my heart became as stone. I raged with an uncommon bloodlust and charged the two Ogres nearest the smoldering ruin of my friend's woodland bride; and I stole their lives away..."

    He gives an account of his journey to the higher ridge further to the northwest along the treeline, and of his daring and rage-fuelled thunderous approach to where the enemy siege weapons were positioned. He told the tale of his command over the battlefield and his great fury in this now very personal one man war. Embellishing greatly; but such is the life of a bard.

    "...when I saw their ranks thinning and when they were the ones who had been thrown into chaos, I slung back my shield and brought forth my axe. T'was then that they knew death and doom was upon them. I issued many challenges on the field of war and all who faced me fell. When I finally lead the charge into their siege lines all Hell seemed to actually break loose! As each catapult operator fell a team worked at my back; when I finally reached the end of the line a great roaring explosion ripped through the line of catapults and destroyed them all! I leaped forth with the fiery blast and was carried far..."

    His tale continues with obscene and gratuitous violence and bloodshed. The description of guts strewn upon the ground and skulls split with pouring brains is repeated often to delight the patrons of the various taverns he visits. He always ends his visit with a vigorous and celebratory song of victory. It goes something like this...

    Victory! We fought hard and prevailed
    Brutally! We were fighting

    Stormy seas! Rolling thunder, piercing hail
    Battlefield! lit by lightning

    Eagerly! We filled the waves with enemies
    Hungrily! Ravens cawing

    Home shore calls!
    We return on bloody seas

    Twilight falls!
    Darkness crawling...

    So pour the beer for thirsty men
    A drink that they have earned!

    And pour a beer for those who fell
    For those who did not return!

    Raise your horns raise them up to the sky!
    We will drink to glory tonight!
    Raise your horns for brave fallen friends!
    We will meet where the beer never ends!

    No regrets! We went out to war and strife
    To protect! King and country

    Victory! Honor those who gave their life
    Willingly! We will not grieve

    So pour the beer for thirsty men
    A drink that they have earned!

    And pour a beer for those who fell
    For those who did not return!

    Raise your horns raise them up to the sky!
    We will drink to glory tonight!
    Raise your horns for brave fallen friends!
    We will drink tonight!

    By the time the chorus is sung for the third time, the hall usually is joining in with patriotic and battle-savage cheer. Especially in Norwick where Cormac's fame is perhaps greater...

    Raise your horns raise them up to the sky!
    We will drink to glory tonight!
    Raise your horns raise them up to the sky!
    We will drink tonight!

    Raise your horns raise them up to the sky!
    We will drink to glory tonight!
    Raise your horns for brave fallen friends!
    We will meet in Valhalla again!

    ...He earns his keep with tale and song, where the ale and wine are offered freely he stays longer -- but such is the way of Cormac that he keeps few friends, and travels often. Bleak and cheerless and without taking much personal merriment; and traditionally with no more warmth beyond what a jug of wine and a cheap woman can provide...

    ((Raise Your Horns - Amon Amarth ))

  • Word has it that before he left, Cecil won the most recent Fight Night "Archery" contest with his throwing axes ... against Vick, and RASUIL HIMSELF.

    This supposedly came right on the heels of getting stomped by some Gargossan in Peltarch, but he has an archery trophy going for him now ... which is nice.

  • It seems that Roy Bin was seem talking to some of the Militia members.

    Some say he spoke about joining their ranks. Others, that he warned the city officials about unusual undead activity in the graveyard area. With this last version, the words "constantly casting magic missiles" and "larger skeletons" are used.

  • After the rumored battle with the mind flayers,some residents said that Thorin Goldenaxe is going to see General Theaon to discuss some important matters. When they ask him what are these matters, he replies to them with a reassuring smile "Nothing that can't be solved".

  • Word spreads of a battle that took place in the mines under the Dwarven Hold. The exact details may be hard to come by depending on who's asked, but it appears mind flayers were involved. Hours after the battle is finished, there appears to be a higher presence of dwarven guards at the Hold's battlements above Norwick's north gate.

  • To the north of Norwick, near the stone wall, a curious scene occurs. Roy Bin seems to be preparing the soil to host a small vegetable garden.

    The chosen place, right next to the tower, seems to be the right one. It offers some protection from the wind and the natural slope of the ground prevents water from accumulating during the rainier seasons. It is also a location that is hit by sunlight for most of the day.

    The young man dedicates at a few days to this task. The soil preparation starts by digging out the area of the vegetable garden. First, he creates a perimeter digging the edge of the garden area before breaking the ground in-between. With a shovel, he removes the the top layer of sod and then takes away any rocks and debris from the place.

    Once this first step is taken, he turns the soil with his hands, preparing it for planting. Some natural fertilizer – mostly manure - is spread with a rake. The place is left untouched for a full day, during which he makes sure to visit it a few times.

    As soon as he finds the place is ready, he starts planting some vegetable seeds and watering them. A few flowers are added as well to give the place a bit more color and to make it beautiful. After he work is done, he thanks Chauntea for the opportunity and promises her he’ll take care of this garden and that anything that grows here will be donated to those in need.

  • At Telli’s Resting place, a young servant of Chauntea pays his respect. He chose a time of day that would not disturb any of the temple’s activities, not willing to draw any attention to himself.

    He cleans the place and takes care of the roses around it, making sure all is beautiful. This part of the work is done with a smile on his face and during all the time, the young priest chanted, in a lower voice, said prayers to Chauntea.

    Once the job is finished, he stands in front of Telli’s resting place, addressing the long gone, but not forgotten, priestess:

    _- I never met you, ma’am. I was born many years after your passing and did not have the pleasure to learn from you. What I learned OF you in town is quite formidable, to say the least. You spent your years in Narfell spreading the Great Mother’s wisdom and gifts, showing everyone around how much She loves them. I can only hope to achieve a part of what you have done.

    • I am here today because I have a feeling that Chauntea wanted me to know more about your history. I don’t know what hit me, but a few days ago, I had a sudden wish to visit Peltarch. I heard of the place before, but never really wanted to go there. But that particular day, I just bought the boat ticket and went.

    • Arriving there, I heard rumors of an auction being held at the market. Considering what happened to me before my arriving here, I thought that it would be a good opportunity to buy a new armor. The place was filled with people and some nice things were being sold. But nothing as nice and IT.

    • Among all the gear, one drew my attention: a cape that was enchanted by you. I don’t know what lead you to create such item, but at the moment I saw it, I was sure that it was the reason I ended up in that city. I spent quite a sum to buy it, but I do not regret doing it. Even tough it was created so many years ago, it still holds all the Mother’s gifts you placed in it.

    • I’ll keep it to myself, if you don’t oppose it … I mean … I’m not sure how to do this, but I wanted to ask you if I can keep it. Not for the enchantments on it, but for its meaning … for me. I am also here to learn the history of my Grampa, and to learn ABOUT the stories he used to tell me when I was young … I want to know which ones were true, and the true names of those that lived them with him … and having a piece of this region’s history with me, it’s a good start, I think.

    • I am probably not making much sense now. I’ll leave you to rest now and will try figuring out if I am worth of using it by myself._

    The young man leaves the Temple. His look is both happy and confused:

    - I probably should have introduced me, in the first place… What a way to start a conversation…

  • A quiet word is passed around through the bars and halls and around the fires, whispered directly to individuals scattered through the town. Possible overheard snatches of words containing kobold, attacks, explosions and one bit at the end ….It is time....

    (For those contacted in game something will be posted in help wanted to try and organize a time))

  • A young female hin, dressed simply with her cloak pulled tight around her small body, has been seen in Norwick and in the Silver Valley camp near the crossroads.

    When approached, she asks if anyone knew the Proudfeet family of the old Jiyyd Silver Valley, or if they know anyone who might have some information about them.

    Right-sized folk get an invitation to drinks at the Mermaid in Norwick (PM me)

  • DM

    Word spreads that the Dragon Rass is returned. Those travelling the pass are warned of extremely aggressive Creel Barbarians that attack anyone and everyone without mercy.

  • Hannibal sighs.

  • _Terror strikes Norwick as a large group of black-cloaked mercenaries seized sudden and temporary control of the place, incapacitating the Militia and storming the inn.

    Townsfolk watching from their windows would have been sure to note the violent confrontation that followed between the invaders and a large group of adventurers, including well known locals Leena Lynn Rayfe, Z and the more infamous Peltarch Defender, Reyhenna Jorino.

    When the dust finally settled, a score of the black-cloaked assailants lay dead, though their grizzled commander managed to make his escape through magic._

  • Norwick Scout Ting submits the following report :

    Ting was on the way to the Den…. always hiding of course when she spotted the Cockatrice again... this time at the crossroads.... Ting followed it into the hidden paths and into the gypsy pass........ Ting gave it a wide berth the whole way... until she noticed... it disappeared into... a freaking hole in the ground.....
    Ting crept close and could hear... the soft chirping of four maybe five of the beasts chicks...... Ting alone cannot take on a Cockatrice much less one protecting its young.... Ting marked the spot on her ranger map and retreated with much grace....

  • The Scout Ting forwards this message to Hannibal and the rest of the Militia….

    Ting was taking the back route into Norwick while looking for deer... Looking to head toward the Druid Sanctuary to check on them as well when she noticed a deer that did not move.... upon closer inspection, the damned thing was turned to stone..... Ting searched the ground and found curious... birdlike tracks. They went behind her.... she followed and low and behold one, then a second and a third... badger turned to stone (while this is not big news to Ting as she has had a running battle with the badgers for decades )... Then a gaggle of goblins rushed past the well hidden Ting screaming for their lives... staying low she went back to where she entered and heard a goblin scream cut short... then Ting saw it... a cockatrice.... It let out a little squawk and vanished into the deep thicket.... Ting... not wanting to push her luck too far... tried to follow from a distance but.. could not locate any more tracks....

    Norwick Scout Ting

  • Brumir shakes his head as Ting threatens people with fines for leaving the gates open

    "Oy lass, ye goin' 'bout this tha wrong way. Allow me….."

    Brumir aims his butt at the people in town and lets out a loud fart


    With that said, Brumir heads back inside the Union Hall

  • Serious is that that fucking hard to close a gate or a fucking door in Norwick….. serious 50 gold fine if Ting sees

  • Ting the Norwick Scout explodes as the south gates are left open yet again as well as all the gates….. !00 gold fine for any adventurers leaving norwick leaving the gates open and Ting sees..... 100 gold.....

  • The red-haired cleric that often patrols the Rawlingswood hunting undead was overheard in the Grapevine talking about demon spawn. She claimed to have encountered three Demon Spawn Terrors near the old menhirs north of the Goblin Lake. She said they hadn't been seen there since Ruin's demise. She also reported an unusual darkness over the lake well past dawn. She hoped the demonic infection of the Rawlingswood was not returning.


    Characters: Romulus Grey, bard the bowman
    Trotter, spooky halfling ranger
    Shesarai Foutopolis, red-haired cleric of Mystra