New Whispers at the Fire

  • Brumir hears of the brawl Labur was involved in and snorts

    "Hrmph. Tha elf were probably just upset thar were nay any wine er trees 'round. Gud on Labur fer stickin' up fer kin pride!"

  • Whispers have it there is more bad news for Labur and the Grapevine Inn. After a night of dwarven songs and many ales, the Inn had to stop service due to a fight that had broken out. Details are not well known, but rumors have it the brewmaster was wrestling on the floor with an elf. The elf's name is unknown but he is tall, even for an elf with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

  • *After waiting a fortnight for the owner, Labur walks to the bar, pays his exorbitantly high bar tab and walks out of the Grapevine Inn. As he arrives at the door, he shouts back over his shoulder *

    Ya kin keepin da keg lass, me nae wantin ta seein it gain.

    *This is the last time Labur will be seen Norwick for quite some time. *

  • Labur Strin arrives at the Grapevine Inn with an ale keg. He walks in provides the keg as a gift and asks to speak to the owner about a possible new ale program. He walks to the bar orders two ales and quietly waits.

  • Great gouts of magic lit up the night sky as an airship was seen approaching Spellweavers Keep with hostile intent. The mages of the Keep protected their home with a barrage of spells, while the airship's artillery boomed. After a thunderous battle, the airship went down in flames, crash-landing at the crossroads where some eyewitnesses also report adventurers engaged in battle with an impossibly tall construct of womanly shape. The perpetrators of the attack, Peltarch businessman Oliver Holloway and his lady friend Quince Harkreath, were taken into Norwick custody, having miraculously survived the crash.

  • Troff Legion's Corporal, Silver Chalice, and the recently returned serveant of Chauntea, Roy Bin, were seen exchanging words by the south gate, before leaving to explore the Rawlings.

    It is said that both of them entered deep into hobgoblin territory and nothing out of the ordinary was found. It is also said that the hobgoblins were not pleased with the visit, but the two adventurers did not care too much for the goblinoids' opinions.

    Plans were made for a new expedition to happen in the following days. The destination is yet to be determined, Aparently, the goal is to make sure nothing bad is happening under everyone's noses.

  • With Hannibal's death, it seems the controversial Talbot Anderson has lost his only ally in Norwick. He was last seen getting on the riverboat due north alongside a number of northern adventurers, one of them an exceedingly vocal redhead who protested his forced exile at length to the surly guards. The villagers of Creel-razed Duskhaven, Anderson's original home, were allowed to stay.

  • Word spreads of a party lead by Thorin Goldaxe went into the goblin coal mines carrying kegs. Later on an explosion could be heard, followed by mining parties of dwarves heading down that way. Hours later the original party led by Thorin returned, hauling several carts of coal.

  • Word spreads around that the dwarfs make preparations for mining trips down to the goblin coal mines. It is being whispered that they aim to march in numbers, push back the goblins and gather the most of the coal they can for as long it will take them. Members of the Council of Moradin remain dodgy when asked about details.

  • ... and not long after that, fiery red skinned wyverns attacked the town, beaten off by even tougher adventurers, and the hardened Raumviri guards of Norwick.

    Can this town catch a break?

    The adventurers headed out, and eventually returned with a massive wyvern's head, covered in red scales, smouldering in the rain. Timmot was said to be most impressed and distressed at the same time.

  • The ground shook beneath the feet of the Norwickians during the gladiatorial contest, but not because of the mighty blows of the combatants, no!

    Derro poured forth in a stream from underground, screaming about plans, some of them even making their way into the town proper before being beaten back by the town guards.

    A stalwart crew saw to the problem, and defeated the insane dwarves, although one of their number came home in a bucket, and they were all looking the worse for wear.

  • DM

    Rumors of a great evil taking hold in the collapsed tomb leading adventurers to delve into the depths to remove it. Many went in but a few were missing when the main group returned.
    It is heard that the Grandson of former Militia Lieutenant Cyrian Loreweaver, Linus Loreweaver, was among those present and not among the returnees. Some time later however he returned alongside two women, Blue and Autumn. It's said he stayed behind to ensure his companions safety but was killed in the process. The words 'Adventurer Killer' were spoken but the context not made clear. Was he killed by the adventurer killer or was he saved? Either way while Linus gave a lesson on group dynamics and when it is Ok to retreat from battle, the women Blue and Autumn seemed both in dark spirits.

  • As days go on..goblin and hobgoblin heads can be seen mounted on the southern wall outside the gates of the city.

  • A drunken slurred voice could be heard in the inn speaking loudly before stumbling out into the night. "Talbot sure showed em in the big farking city...killed over a score of them high and mighty thing we did was hire him.

  • Rumours circulate that the Adventurers Mart has some new and limited edition stock that adventurers absolutely love, based on the steady traffic that the shopkeeper has received since word went out about their arrival.

    Something about powerful items that can potentially explode?

    Who knows?

  • On a wet and rainy night, a halfling walks into town from the south gate, dragging three beholder corpses behind her. They float on a rope, creating a rather horrifying sight.

    She seems to be somewhat pre-occupied as she heads towards the riverboat.

  • Rumors spread quickly of a dwarf, obviously drunk, warning two presumably human females near the river boat dock to be careful in the Rawlinswood. His words were somewhat slurred and hard to understand but a few could make out the following:
    A large bugbear with an equally large axe nearly killed him.
    Clangeddin saved him by granting his life to continue.
    It's now in the near eastern Rawlinswood.
    They (no clue who was with him) were lucky to make it back alive.

    Sometime later a shadow of an elf was caught a glimpse of heading southward. He disappeared in the darkness beyond the southern most gate but is presumed to have gone after the bugbear. After a few hours, what was can only be described as, a pack of wolves' victory howl can be heard coming from the eastern Rawlinswood.

    The dwarf, nor the elf, has been seen since. There's no word if the bugbear is still out there or not.

  • Alvi, in search of ash stumbled across several skeleton battling the hobgoblins in the rawlings. She watched for a bit... got bored and waded in.... was worth it... but these skeletons seems to be more problematic... and the cave in the rawlings wood is locked... looks like the hobbers have barricaded themselves in.... there were several skellys in the cave

  • A bloodied dwarf stumbles into town heading straight for the infirmary. It seems he may have been mumbling and cursing about goblin casters and such in the Moldy rat Tribe cave.

  • An Elven hunter, clad in muddy brown beetle-scale armor reports oddness in the Nars Pass, East of the River, just North of the Crossroads.

    A Large tree, in the forest, wreathed in mist and etherial light, with a variety of animals, predators that do not normally rest together, reclining beneath it.