New Whispers at the Fire

  • _The Moldy Rat tribe continues their assault on the town showing no sign of slowing down. Wildlife around Norwick grows more sparse everyday and has worried many families about their future in Norwick. However, a huge amount of fresh meat was delivered to Norwick's guards from an anonymous hunter living outside the gates. The meat was inspected by several Raumviri chief's before being handed out to the needy families, but not before a healthy portion was taken into the Great Hall.

    A rumor of a horrible evil stirring in the caverns behind the barrier creep through the town and many goblins of the Moldy Rat tribe are often seen running from the caves direction as they shriek for their lives.

    The trees around the old ruins continue to fall under the crude axes of the goblin tribe, evidence that their attacks will continue until they are finally dealt with._

  • More attacks by the Moldy Rat Tribe, still hiding smugly behind their magical walls to avoid repercussions for their many, increasingly disgusting experiments. The latest invention is reportedly a golem made of goblin feces…

    ((I can't believe I missed the poo golem! shakes fist and chuckles))

  • Eilonna, Elessar and Victoria arrive at the cavern late that evening as they whisper amoung themselves before Elessar casts a Dispel and Spell breach. They stay on guard awaiting the results of the casting

    // Awaiting the DM to be available to continue, Elessar also rolled a spellcraft of 35 prior to the castings.

  • DM

    Legion Coporal Legan Axckleln is seen looking over the gates of Norwick, whenever he's not taking the fight to the enemy. Meanwhile, Salin Ashald is seen examining the odd negative energy barrier that blocks the entrance to the cave where the goblins hide. On a different front, lone wildsman Brane Lannen works with the hunters, trying to prevent excessive draining of natural resources while looking for safe environments in which the wildlife can grow.

  • Fresh meats turn up randomly at the homes of the people in need as well as small sums of gold. Delivery times are never at one specific times and no one sees who is coming and dropping the food off. Some whispers spread that the Ranger in green is still watching over the people.

    EDIT: OOC note, will trash food when DM Clownbaby is around to view it.

  • The Moldy Rat tribe has grown bolder as their numbers continue to swell in the corpse filled ruins of Old Norwick. They attack Norwick's South gate regularly with a seemingly endless supply of corpses and slaughtered animals while droves of goblins hack down trees by the dozen to construct primitive catapults to continue sieging the town. The wildlife around Norwick has grown notably scarce, the price of fresh meat at the markets have risen considerably, and many hunters are having a difficult time bringing home meals and income for their families

  • Uljas grumbles hearing the rumors

    "Can no trust hexers."

  • _The grim and ghastly warrior who's face is painted returns to Norwick with yet more tales of gargantuan heroism and over-the-top gore and violence, he tells those who care to hear of the gathering hordes of Goblins and their undead allies. Of on the first day he and but a handful of fearless slayers repelled a massive assault against the town, and laughs as he gives an account of the 'not-so-fearless' horseman who was dismounted and quit the field, to run home to Peltarch to feed his fat children more sweet-bread no doubt. He tells with much drama and detail of the Goblin's head he collected, of how he paralyzed the Goblin army with fear by yelling out his name aloud, thus bellowing as part of the story "CORMAC! CORMAC! CORMAC RANDOLPH!" and swore he'd wear the creature's skull as his new codpiece.

    As he tells of the battles that came after he thumps his fist gently at first upon his thigh, and tells how he battled a great and evil storm with his own mighty sound, of the vast army that marched along with him into the deep forest where the lightning struck down in fierce and deadly anger! The pounding fist on his thigh moves onto the shield he carries, pounding like a kettle-drum in rhythm, quick and noisy like the rolling of thunder - punctuated at times with a loud BANG! as he tells of their journey through hostile lands, with many of his allies being struck down by stray bolts of lightning. Of how he reached out boldly and gripped one of these bolts of lightning which had killed those in his group who were weak of heart, or unworthy of the power of the lightning, and held it in his very hands! Except - that it had been stolen from him, by an Elven witch who had been found unworthy of it's power at least three times during their mighty and hard quest._

  • Soldiers of the Troff Legion have been seen more often south of Norwick helping to combat the undead goblins.

  • Rumors spread of an elf in green frequenting the south, dozens of the undead goblins bodies turning up here and there randomly. Randomly the elf stands far enough from the gate to see the Red Cloaks and knows well they see her before she slips back into the woods once more, as though proving to them that she is there.

  • There has been an increase of red cloaks standing guard at the gates since sightings of the Moldy Rat tribe have increased even further, there numbers higher than ever before. Still they gather dead goblin corpses left behind from adventurers, they have also begun actively slaughtering animals of the Rawlins and openly performing dark, crude rituals on the beasts rather than eating them, rather than eating most of them. Their ranks are proof, now ambushing adventurers with all manner of animals partly eaten and crudely stitched together.

  • Cormac makes use of the 'cheif's' unlimited tab and plies both his audience and himself with jug upon jug of mead, as the evening winds on the repetition of his story becomes more and more embellished with projections of gore and the thumping of his fist upon tables. He offers only the most wild accounts by the end of the night, claiming that a beautiful she-Half-Goblin princess came to him that very night! to bear his and his legacy away back to her people.

  • Uljas nods approvingly at this

    "Sound like good fight. Go, friend, buy drinks at tavern. Put on Chief Voss's tab!"

  • Cormac, the warrior bard with painted face sits by the fire in Norwick town and recites a far-fetched tale of battle and glory, where the town was beset by many machines of war which rained fiery doom down about the outer gates. And he and a handful of great companions rushed forth through the burning wreckage and slew a MIGHTY hoard of Goblin and Hobgoblin warriors, he acts out his scenes of valor by mimicking the overhead swings of his great axe, and tells of how he flew into a wild bloodfrenzy and laid waste to swathes of enemies and their catapults, and how Valkur and Tempus sent forth howling winds and white lightning to celebrate their most glorious triumph in saving the town from the army of greenskins.

  • A skullheaded dwarf chuckles.

    Ye call them undead? Bloody pathetic! Put some effort to it, Gobs!

  • Rumor is that Norwick scouts are reporting sightings of Moldy Rat tribe goblins moving quietly in great numbers into the Howling Woods where they gather many goblin corpses after adventurer's patrols and drag them back to the old Norwick ruins.

  • A female elf is seen on the battlements of Aura Runedar, could it possibly be Eilonna returned home finally to her people? How will the militia take this?

  • Defender Alvaniel received a note and she can now be seen standing guard at the south tower at Norwick…. why she is there no one knows yet...

  • _The forest afire!

    The news spread wildly amongst Norwickians about rains of fire besieging a good portion of the northern Rawlinswoods during the better part of the afternoon, and some are even sure that they saw a gigantic red dragon land somewhere near María's tower.

    The rumours get even more wild at that point, where some say the end of the world is coming, others say it's really nothing because that was María herself just taking the shape of a red dragon to get back home. Some even say that it's the legendary wyrm, Rass, that has returned to claim the land!

    It seems that after all the ruckus, an abundant forest rain doused the flames, keeping the forest damage to a not excessively severe level. Some parts of the forest may take some time, but assuming the rains of fire don't repeat themselves on daily basis, the damage will regenerate without much issue_

  • A strange and fanciful tale is told around the fire, the wandering healer Willow gesticulating wildly in her enthusiasm over the story, which seems centered on all things frosty: winter wolves, snow goblins, strange frozen undead and a giant mystery frost beast, feeding on the N'Jasti undead. The tale goes on to horrid Yetis, gnawing on the bones of the living and the dead, hungry Ice Trolls and a beautiful yet deadly ice spirit in the form of a woman - and finally a huge ice Hag, whose wretched countenance sent chills into the heart of men… but none more so than Salin, who was abducted for a night of questionable enjoyment!