LOL Moments in Narfell

  • There are other threads for recording funny conversations between players and silly happenings in parties. This one is for funny or downright absurd things that happened when nobody else was around to see it:

    Shesarai and Gnarl were exploring the eastern portion of the Underdark and decided to return through the maze leading to the Dwarven Hold. In one of the large rooms, we were attacked by half a dozen dragazhars at once. Gnarl couldn't hold them all by himself and Shesarai's armor and strength spells both expired in the midst of the battle. After I Zoma'd a poison save, it was all over and I wound up in the Fugue.

    While standing there in my skimpy underwear waiting for Gnarl to finish all the draghazhar and haul my body and gear to the Hold, I noticed that poor Mr. Bones was badly wounded. Somebody must have been really mad to be there and took it out on him. Since I had healing spells left, I walked over and attempted to heal him with a Cure Serious Wounds spell, not realizing that he was undead and this would injure him more. It put him near "death."

    Naturally, he didn't take kindly to this "attack" and immediately retaliated. Then he began chasing me. There I was totally unarmed in my underwear, running through the fog with a mad skeleton chasing me. Luckily, I was faster and managed to duck behind Cassius and into more fog until he lost sight of me. Then I hid until Gnarl reached the Dwarven Temple and brought me back. (I wonder what would have happened if I actually killed him?)


    Characters: Romulus Grey, bard the bowman
    Trotter, spooky halfling ranger
    Shesarai Foutopolis, red-haired cleric of Mystra