Norwick Laws (Feb 27 2007)

  • It is hereby given notice of Norwick Laws

    Norwick common law


    The Chancellor, Commander and Militias word is final

    No disorderly conduct in Norwick

    Pickpocketing, robbing or dishonestly obtaining items or livestock is prohibited

    The local's perspective of Norwick law:


    Don't do any of those usual bad things like cheating at cards or killing people, or you'll be wearing the hobnailed boots of the militia for pants.

    ::grumbles something about Peltarch having signs that are 50' long for writing all their laws, but this being a poor-er little barbarian burg, common sense hopefully lets people remember to breathe without having to be told by the authorities::

    On selling crafted goods in town:


    If you are a crafter's guild member and have your guild ring to prove it, you can sell anything and everything with no repurcussions. This isn't a free ride, just a reflection that the town collects their taxes from the guild organization, not the individual members. Guild members should still be paying dues/% of sales to the guild leaders to be passed on to Jandor at times.

    If you are not a member of crafter's guild, and/or don't have your guild ring to prove you are, you cannot sell anything that can be made with the crafting system in or around Norwick. You can sell potions, scrolls, bugbear weapons, sexual favors (just don't act 'em out! Smile), etc…but nothing from MTS. That also means items taken off spawns that are MTS items cannot be sold, because there's no way to prove they were crafted or looted (ie: elm crossbow and nickle scale mail cannot be sold by non-crafters).

    Unrelated to this base issue, if you are a merchant of significant wealth (Nico comes to mind ;p), you may be approached for a "tax" on occassion. No specifics will be laid down.

    Don't think of all this as a personal persecution, and instead as "business".

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  • It is hereby illegal for any faction, town, or law enforcing body other than the Norwick Militia and provided Norwick Officials with permission, to attempt to arrest any person or otherwise detain a person for any purposes against their will, in the boundaries of the Realm of Norwick, without explicit permission from the Chancellor himself.

    Should a non-realm organization, faction, town, or law enforcing body wish to arrest a Norwick citizen or guest within the bounds of the Realm, that organization must submit a written request to the Chancellor himself.

    Any such actions will be deemed crimes within the realm and dealt with accordingly.

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