First Time Narfing

  • I have a memory of my very first time logging into Narfell that always makes me laugh and I'd like to share it.

    I was 20 years young and trying to scratch a simple RPG itch, I had just discovered and found NWN. After installing it I decided to see what the multiplayer was about and Narfell was the very first server I clicked on. Now at the time I knew nothing about D&D, I remember seeing my character sheet and thinking "What does 1d8 mean?" I had no real concept of RPing at all, especially on a computer game, and I had no idea what to expect from the servers.

    I rolled up my first character on my not-so-classy login name, he was just a human with a hood. I had no idea what I was doing, I just wanted to see what the interaction on this "RP server" was about. I spawned in the Peltarch Commons and found the first victim of my immaturity, an elven lass named Amabael.

    I approached her and told her I needed 2000 coin because my grandmother was very ill. She pressed me about the illness and I told her my grandmother's head just wouldn't stay on, and the ilnness is very contagious so she better pay the 2000 coin.

    Needless to say, nobody was impressed. She told me I should ask for a more reasonable amount of coin, so I pulled a dagger and demanded the coin. She denied and with nothing else to do and no fear of consequences, I attacked. About that time her friend, Therean, leapt upon my PC and beat him mercilessly.

    After my PC stood up again, I noticed the commons we're full of people watching the exchange. Everyone was pretty much looking at me, the noob. So I didn't disappoint and dropped a line from Scarface on everyone. "You.. You people need someone like me.. So you can point your fingers and say.. Thats the bad guy." I walked away from the commons, thinking that would be the end of that, but several PC's followed mine.

    They we're detaining me until authorities could show up, at which point I was spawned in the middle of nowhere and a kindly PG named Ael'Que tried to talk with me about my behavior, at which point I kindly offended him and logged, making a complete ass of myself, per usual. I eventually was able to apologize for that.

    But I couldn't believe there was a game where all your little decisions and actions had real consequences. I couldn't believe a circle of people we're actually paying attention to my PC. This certainly wasn't World of Warcraft and I was hooked by the experience. I started reading alot of fantasy after that and found Dwarves to be my favorite heroes. I rolled up Beorn Battlemail and haven't wrongly stabbed any PC's (threatened to stab doesn't count, Sirion.) or offended anyone here OOC since. ( I hope)

  • Good times! 🙂


  • Legion

    That was priceless ClownBaby, thanks for sharing!


    You're not a good aligned PC if you haven't threatened Sirion.


  • You're not a good aligned PC if you haven't threatened Sirion.

  • Damn, wish I'd been here to witness it. That's gold, right there. goes to ponder how to recreate this for some random event