A Sacrifice to Bane

  • He fell. The hunter became the prey. But in his Lord's eye, it was not yet his time.

    • "You will pay your life with someone else's. And don't die again in such a shameful way!"

    Taking his punishment without flinching, he walks toward the temple.

    • "You. You will do." - he muttered to himself.

    She was a young human girl, no more than 19 winters old. Her pale face shone in the most beautiful way, her golden hair tied in a ponytail with a silk purple bow. He worked his charms on her, and she followed. She followed him to the chapel of the Black Hand.

    • "Now don't move. This will only last a few moments."

    The girl's blue eyes widened as they saw the man tying her in that horrid device, before placing her before the Altar.

    • "Bless all those who strike fear into lesser beings' hearts! Sow doubt and fear unto the unbelievers' souls! Protect us all who spread your word, that we shall be worthy of spreading your message. Deliver us from your mighty wrath, but cause it to come for all those who deserve it!"

    With that, he activates the device and slices the girl's neck with his sword, adding her fresh blood to the already large pool of dried blood by the altar, life painfully seeping through the gaping wounds caused by the device's multiple spikes. He made sure she'd die slowly, so his Lord would enjoy every moment of this sacrifice. As the final drops flowed, he harvested a few on his Unholy Symbol, leaving the chapel with faith renewed and hopefully trust restored.