Build 903i

  • Bugs

    • Fixed stacking craft items duplicating craft signatures
    • Fixed DM Death Tool
    • Forge Replacement Tool (easy fix for when forges break down)


    • Removed some Spawns
    • Adjusted some Spawns


    • Removed a number of creatures
    • Added New Orcish Spawn
    • Adjusted Orcish Hammerer


    • Added Commands

    • Associates speech (using ; and an associates type {a=animal companion, d=dominated; f=familiar; h=henchman; s=summons} allows you to make that associate talk. ie ;s <yourtexthere>will cause your summons to speak <yourtexthere>)

    • Added Pets (DM drop only; pet store in the works)

    • Automatic Emotes

    • PS Shop

    • Added ATS resource drop utility (Makes it easy for DMs)</yourtexthere></yourtexthere>