Horfirith Henoseth (Hen)

  • Over the years I have enjoyed a lot of interesting plots with possibly my only real character I ever played. These are the notable things I have acquired in my time on the server. I am not copy pasting the descriptions of any of these items so forgive me If I haven't got the all 100% right.


    Belt of Stealth
    +1 Dexterity
    +4 Hide/Move silently
    A belt that moves and blends with the environment around the wearer. This was given to Hen as a token of friendship from Val Kyrie Master songstress and good friend.

    Gift of the Tiger (ring)
    +1 Dexterity
    +4 Hide/Move silently
    A ring careful crafted and enchanted with the help of Val Kyrie, The ring gives the wearer the agility and stealth of a great cat stalking its pray.

    Guild Items;

    Tua'shee Lakwenan
    Tools of the Fey Jester (Dagger)
    +6 Open Lock/Disable Trap/Set Trap
    Hens first elven guild item that she often calls her holy tools. These are the only connection Hen has to her patron Deity and is her most treasured possession

    Feeanla eo Acelalnelw
    Boots of Elvenkind
    +6 Hide/Move silently/Tumble
    Hen's second elven guild item, these boots help keep her moving silently through the forest unseen and unheard - also good for mistaken trip and fall recoveries.

    Interesting 1 uses;

    N/A atm all of my cool things have been used to keep my alive in the recent elven plot events stay tuned for more…

    DM event items;

    Flame Bow
    No Damage
    +1 Dexterity
    infinite 1d6 fire arrows
    A bow hen got in an event from DM X(?) while it wasnt a popular item for most is charred and burned nature and no string made it an ideal bow for use with sneaking. No quivers knocking around making noise and no left over arrow in the body of your target - Just a charred spot. Likely the Only bow will use when she inst trying to be undercover.

    Blackened Rapier
    +1d4 sonic damage
    +1 Enhancement

    • 25% sonic vulnerability
      Taken from a drow stash when Hen got a group of adventures to invade a drow hideout to get back her Tools of the Fey Jester. DM Stuiped(Wyv)

    Shield with many holes (small)
    -1 AC bonus
    +1 Dexterity
    Although not all that useful for protection this shield obtained from an adventure into the ogres with DM … Gonnar... It serves as a great help while setting and disable traps the holes providing great places to hold things and hold down wires without risking her hands

    Halfling Cannibal Archery Bands
    +2 ac vs piercing
    +1 ac deflection
    1/day cast Cure Minor Wounds
    Obtained on one of DM Prismatic(DrD) famous star harpy adventures these archery bands serve to protect hens arms from her flame arrows and fix and minor burn mishaps… very useful.

    Helm of the Eagle Eye
    +2 Listen
    +3 Spot
    Although it has been far to long to remember where I got this from.. here is the item description tl:dr - A Carefully constructed helm with eyes visors to protect and enhance the vision of the wearer and carefully designed ear holes to direct sounds into the ear from many directions - although slightly modified to fit hens ears. LD item

    Topsiders Crutch (ring)
    Extra Feat: Darkvision
    Found in the drow horde that stole Hens Fey Jester tools, has proved very useful for assisting in drow hunting in the underdark.

    Hen's Frozen Arm (club)
    No Damage
    +1 Cold Damage
    Obtained from having her arm frozen off while destroying one of the four evil demon binding gems of the crown of narfell when Auril, one of the gods of destruction, used hens right arm as a route of power. Its neat for when people need a hand and a source of awesome conversation and terrible jokes. DM BenBen (Benji)

    Blessed Red Bishop Lance-board Piece
    4 charges (left0
    1charge/use Cats Grace (10)
    1charge/use Eagles Splender (10)
    Won at Shallyah's organized Peltarch games to honour the Red Knight's prowess and battle ability. Hen took first prize at Archery and earned this.No DM marking do contact me if you know

    Frost Dagger
    +1 Cold Damage
    Once intended to collect in part with other items for DM Vanquish to create unique items with his events given diffrent objects. Mass produced for the followers of Auril these dagger carry a cold sting. Most often the dagger hen flips about in her hand when she is mad. DM Vanquish


    Cloak of Malarific Stealth
    Only Usable by Druid/Ranger
    +4 Hide
    +2 Move Silently
    80% weight
    On loan from the forest druid Talindra, put on loan to hen until she can find a better one as to stop her insufferable complaining… I move silently as I stalk my pray. You will not hear me until I strike a fatal blow. (DM Rangy Wulf)

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