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    Character Name: Salin Ashald
    Player Name: mcp.993

    When no one's watching and he's not busy slaying all sorts of threats against Narfell, Salin writes yet another page of his journal, which he began writing shortly after leaving Waterdeep…

    My name is Salin Ashald. My father was a wizard of great renown and my mother a Mystran priestess, so magic always flowed within my veins. My first spell was cast when I was six, as I saw this kid cutting the purse of Ms Wands, one of the most important people in waterdhavian society, I weaved an electric jolt that sent him running before he could finish the job. My father, however, didn't see him, nor did anyone else, so instead of being proud, he scolded me and cast a Scare spell at me. I don't thik I'll ever forget that feeling… Best and worst day of my childhood right then and there.

    Other than that, I had a great life in Waterdeep. People were nice to me and I never had to worry about anything.

    As I grew older, however, I saw that not everyone shared my luck. One day, when I was 13, as I returned from a trip to the dock ward to pick up my invitation for the Fleetswake Shipwright's Ball, this young man, roughly my age, comes to me and begs me for a coin, saying that he had a family of five to feed and no other way to put the bread on the table. When I asked him why couldn't he find a trade, his answer almost struck me dead. He told me some wizard struck him with lighting when he was younger, and that because of it, his right arm never worked again.

    I never felt so bad in my entire life, but how could I admit what I had done? I gave him all the gold I had on me and wished him luck, and from that day on, I vowed never to use magic again.

    I got used to not using magic fairly quickly, even though my parents never understood my choice, and always kept pushing me to train my arcane abilities, especially my mother, who felt I was forsaking her Goddess.

    Now I wish I had heard them...

    When I was 19, the unthinkable happened: Drow elves attacked the city! The watch could do nothing and the guards were too scattered through the walls that they couldn't mount a defence against an enemy that struck from within fast enough.

    I was just coming back inside the house that night, after another bad dream of me hurting that poor kid, and went to my parents' room when I saw this woman, all dressed in black leathers, with a dagger in her hand, both their throats slit and blood gushing everywhere. I tried to hold back a scream, but I couldn't and suddenly the dark elf was after me! I ran as fast as I could, but where would I go? I kept going, trying to find a guard, a watchman, someone with a weapon who could protect me, but I found no one. The town was in flames, the North ward completely overrun by the foul creatures. I was certain I'd die that day, but as the elf caught up to me, and prepared to strike, this beast shows up in front of me and bites her hand off! She ran and in seconds was nowhere to be seen. I was terrified, as the Hound stood there and I thought it would attack me next, but then it spoke: "My name is Thut. Don't worry Salin, I'll get you out of here safely. Just stay close to me and I'll take care of everything" I had no idea how that Hound knew my name, but if it wanted me dead, it'd have me killed on the spot, and it didn't. So I started following it, avoiding all contact with drow, and soon we were outside the walls, my whole life destroyed at that moment, along with the city that saw me grow... And because of my cowardice, because of my fear, because of my self doubt, I was powerless to help my parents. I had left them to die. And for that, I no longer deserve to be called a "Sir".

    Once we were safe, I finally realized that a creature everyone told me was pure Evil had just saved me, so I asked it why it had done that. He said he was not a Hell Hound, but rather a Fire Hound, a distant, almost extinct relative of the Evil kind of Hounds, that lived in the Elemental Plane of Fire.

    I had no idea of what to do next, where I could go, I just wanted to get back into Waterdeep and die, taking as many drow with me as I could, but Thut stopped me, saying that a day of reckoning would come, if I was patient, and that there was a place where I could learn how to make sure the drow would pay for what they had done, if I embraced my Arcane powers once more. And so, we traveled east for several months until finally a now familiar village was in sight: Norwick.

    Before I entered the gates, Thut told me that'd be the end of the journey for him, as it could easily be mistaken for a Hell Hound and it didn't want to cause any trouble. And so, Thut left the same way he came, and I entered the village, hoping to find out what adventures will lie ahead for me...

    ((More to come in Tales by The Fire - Maybe))

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