Hard work at the Romani camp

  • I know there's a big chance of this flopping. But is it possible that if I keep up my efforts and no one stops me that some degree of improvement can be show around the camp or even the lodge? Maybe drag Shady Varr back in or something? I've been doing mining and what not within in the ideals of clearing out the mine and rubble in the tree. Of course if I acctuall need to get gold for costs then I'll work my arse off for that too. Ideally I'm trying to help Jason with his Forsworn plans… but even if not for that. I really just want this under used area active again with RP. It looks so damn beautiful.

  • Would be a great area for the base as its a largely unused map and RP is what this game is about, I understand the history, but perhaps time to move it on, Jason will gladly meet with someone to represent to consider buying the land.