Morgoth's Fav :)

  • The full tale (Nearly ;)) can be found here

    Yet for me as a DM this series of a nearly 12 month long plot was exceptionally good fun, it had me with tears in my eyes, hitting my head off my desk and laughing like a loon.

    All in all the most perfect DMing storm, every player who was involved contributed a vital aspect to the tale and as most of it was created on the hoof (bar the outline) their influence lives on in the outcome.

    Of all my times in Narfell this plot was my most fondly remembered and I love it to this day.

    Oh and all based on this:

    oh yeah and this


  • The best of times. 😄 I also loved the Heart of Winter plotline, but have too many holes in the notes I took to make a complete story of it.. maybe one day I'll wing the vague parts just to record it!

  • Fun times 🙂

  • I still keep screenshots from that plotline, it was one to remember. Thinking back, I have mixed feelings because I had just returned to Narfell after some lifechanging personal problems and I was a bit of a pain in the ass to deal with at times, but the lasting feeling is that of countless good memories of a beautiful questline with a rich and unique crew:

    Not to forget Ronan that unfortunately couldn't make it to the finale, when that screenshot was taken.