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    So I've seen the discussion thread that explains available summons but I was wondering if there's any resource that has information for each summon similar to something like the neverwinter nights wikipedia. I was unable to find celestial/fiendish creatures on it and I'm wondering if narfell uses custom created critters.


  • It's mentioned in the spells modification thread. The answer is yes.

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    As spell focus conjuration adds +2 to caster level, does greater spell focus add +4? Cant see that mentioned anywhere!

  • It's not that…that page was at least a year out of date when it was still up in January.

  • Most important things from the wiki have been transferred, and are accessible from the Players Handbook sticky in this forum. Consider me prodded to try and get the remainder done this weekend.

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    There may very well be a newer version archived.I'll look into it

  • Oh your gods, I could kiss you. We've been hunting down that information for forever. Not that it's entirely up to date either. But still.

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    From strolling through the forums someone found an old version of the wiki. There may be a newer one but I haven't really looked into it. It might be useful to look into it so instead of all the times we say "Oh well it was on the wiki but.." We can say here's the most recent information we have. Although I must say I've seen a lot of good info being put into the forums.

    Here's the link to the old version

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    Well, I also managed to take the HCR summons down from 72 to scripts to 3, so that was a thing - and in fact, many custom spells are now reduced in size/more efficient that way.

    For instance, all healing spells live on one script, all inflict spells/harm, all protection from alignment spells, all protection from energy spells, and weapon spells…

    I'm not entirely sure how are re-construction of the wiki information is going, but the spell modifications were numerous and detailed.

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    Neato! thanks for the info Dora. That's cool you put a back door in for DMs to add custom twists. Before I took a break from Narfell (a good while ago) I had no idea this server had so many custom tweaks. Seeing all the work that you've guys done and all the possibilities is getting me very excited to be playing with you all again

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    As I'm responsible for the current summon system…

    Summon Spells

    Book of Summons

    If you do not have a summon selected by a "Book of Summons" for any given level, one will be chosen at random that fits your character's alignment restrictions. Alignment restrictions apply to casters of ANY class.

    Druids and Animal Domain Clerics

    A druid caster or animal domain cleric NOT summoning a creature from an item or scroll has +1 spell level. This means summon 1 turns into a summon 2, 3 into 4, etc… summon level 9 is still summon level 9. This ALSO affects their caster level (+1) when determining spell duration.

    Please note that the increased summon level IS subject to the duration rules of the increased level. A druid casting a summon II spell is effectively casting a summon III spell (1 turn per 2 levels duration).

    Players whose characters fall under this category should ensure they choose their summons at one level higher than the spell.

    Spell Focus Conjuration

    Each spell focus level adds +2 to your caster level modifier for purpose of determining spell duration.

    Example: a level 7 caster with spell focus conjuration would determine duration below as a level 9 caster, or as level 10 if a druid caster or animal domain cleric with the same spell focus.

    Summon Levels

    Summon I: 1 hour + 1 turn/level
    Summon II: 1 hour + 1 turn/level
    Summon III: 1 turn/2 levels
    Summon IV: 1 turn/2 levels
    Summon V-IX: round/level

    Extend Spell

    Extend spell metamagic is applied AFTER all modifiers.

    For example, a level 11 druid with greater spell focus conjuration casting summon VI would result in a summon VII spell with the following duration:

    2*(CL 11 + 4 Focus + 1 Druid) = 32 rounds.

    Custom Additions

    When I created the summon system, I also made an allowance for DMs to drop tokens on players to grant them summons that are IN ADDITION to the standard summons that will appear in your "Book of Summons." In addition, DMs can create items that also summon non-standard creatures.

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    Haha I like your reasoning, simple and effective

  • No clue. They are whatever the devs wrote them to be. Send em to fight each other and the statistical winner is the better one.

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    Ah very helpful, thanks cardamon. It seems like the spell changes have been a bit spread over the forums lately and it's nice to have all the up to date info in one place.

    I am still wondering about the stats of the summoned critters. For instance would a celestial hawk have the same attributes as a hawk?

  • Summon Monster spells are the altered ones. The durations are altered drastically lower, based on the level of the caster. I forget the exact numbers but the first one about 2 rounds per level and the ones above it reduced, until around 4th or 5th when they last for 1 round per level for all levels after that. Which ones you can cast depends on your alignment. You can use the Summoning book to peak at the later levels, but for other details you'll have to try it and see.

    Oh, and Druids, to make up for the lack of spontaneous summons, get their summons lists shifted by one level, so their levels 1s come from the level 2 list, etc.