Local kid makes good

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    Character: Bruso Brim
    Login: tpickles211

    Bruso Brim grew up as a street urchin in the Peltarch docks. It was rumored that his father was a sailor, coming into town for business, but Bruso never met him. His mother, was rarely present and was thrown in the Peltarch jail several times for careless drunken nights with rowdy sailors. Their lack of presence lead Bruso to explore the world on his own.

    Although Bruso got himself into his fair amount of trouble, his motivation was generally innocent and concerned with exploration of his surroundings. He grew up fending for himself and picked up a variety of skills to support himself. Several run ins with trouble caused him to stray away from his skills that fell in the legal gray areas. With some gold in his pocket, he got into trading.

    Once his life stabilized, he grew an interest into tinkering with his goods and in learning magic. He developed an interest for crafting his wares instead of importing from sailors. He still kept with his contacts, because he understood how important it was to have people you can rely on, but he relied on them less now.

    Now, he wanders Peltarch in search of meeting new contacts, producing goods and selling his wares.

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