A Collection of Rules

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  • PvP - Subdual
    Non-Lethal Subdual PVP is allowed without DM consent, under the strict rule that it must be agreed upon by ALL PARTIES INVOLVED. Screen shots proving an agreement has been made are advised.

    Narfell keeps a 'mutual subdual' policy in which any character may attack another if their player has first contacted the other player and received confirmation that the second player also wishes to get involved in PvP.

    Do not force the issue - if the other player doesn't want to PvP, then avoid the situation.

    **Subdual Mode MUST be enabled through the Rest Menu.

    Narfell supports a subdual damage system, thought it does not follow standard pen and paper rules (due to engine limitations).

    Subdual damage is considered non-lethal damage. Damage is inflicted as normal, but a players knocked to 0 or less hit points will not be killed, and be considered one of the 4 subdual states below.

    Winded, as defined by the dictionary: To cause to be out of or short of breath.

    If you are winded, you are essentially gasping for air. Think about it as though someone just hit your stomach with a 2x4. This is a time to emote surrendering/dropping to the ground/wheezing for breath. Your character isn't up and running, isn't using Power Attack, and likely isn't casting any spells for a good time.

    Blacked Out
    Black Out, as defined by the dictionary: To lose consciousness or memory temporarily

    If you're blacked out, you definitely aren't putting up a fight. Chances are you are struggling to keep your eyes open, and chances are you aren't going to remember things very well for at least a few days. This is on the edge of being Knocked Out.

    Knocked Out
    Knocked Out, as defined by the dictionary: Knocked unconscious by a heavy blow

    You're unconscious, which pretty much means you can't do anything aside from lay on the ground and hope whoever knocked you out doesn't want to kill you. You aren't fighting, you aren't running, you aren't standing up, you aren't shouting for help, you aren't casting spells, and you aren't resisting. As with a black out, which came before hand, it's going to be hard for you to remember specifics for at least a few days, if not a good week.

    Concussions, as defined by the dictionary: Injury to the brain caused by a blow; usually resulting in loss of consciousness

    This is what you get when someone takes your head and slams it against a brick wall. Repeatedly. As this is a step above Knocked Out, we can assume you're already unconscious, so you don't really have much say in whatever happens to you next. Concussions border on death, and can result in permanent brain damage. If you've been concussed, chances are you might not remember much of what happened ever, except that your head really hurts after you saw that moving shape**

  • PvP - Rules for PK
    **As no two PK situations are the same, a DM may make a decision on whether or not to apply a specific rule to a given situation. In those cases, the shout will always include the conditions which are relevant to the situation at hand.

    NOTE: Willingly giving KoS (Kill on Sight) on yourself is not allowed.

    Rules for giving and executing PK requests for DMs:

    • PK permission will never be given if a DM does not believe the asking party has enough of a reason to get it
    • DM giving the PK permission must notify the asking party only if their request has been granted (in chance of multiple PCs requesting PK at same time)
    • Upon granting the PK permission the requesting party must wait for a DM to warn the server of a possible PK that might be taking place, example warning as follows: "A PK request has been granted with DM supervision" OR a notice that there will be no public shout.
    • In some cases, there may be no public shout prior to the PvP - in this case, the supervising DM will always contact the players involved or make a public shout after the PvP has begun.
    • DM supervision is always attached with a PK permission to keep the event fair for both sides
    • The end of the PK permission should always be shouted if possible whenever the event is over or is unable to complete with a DM supervision.
    • No DM will ever answer any questions related to the identity of the target of the PK warning or the requesting party.
    • Casting a non-damaging spell on another player without permission can be seen as PvP. The target still needs to ask a DM prior to retaliating to the casting in a harmful way.

    Attacking Minions

    • Attacking a familiar requires DM attention due to the XP loss that comes with their death. You must follow the rules below once a DM has given permission to attack the familiar.
    • Attacking an evil (looking) minion (zombie, skeleton, shadow etc) must be preceded by:

    NOTE: a hell hound is a familiar.

    Other PK Rules:

    • Non-Lethal Subdual PVP is allowed without DM consent, under the strict rule that it must be agreed upon by ALL PARTIES INVOLVED. Screen shots proving an agreement has been made is advised. Please see below for more information.
    • If you are attacked you have the right to defend yourself which includes attacking back at the attacker.
    • If you witness a dear (in character) friend of yours under attack, you have the right to jump in and help defend them. Due to the difficulty to overseeing a more than 2 player PvP, a DM can request a one versus one duel of a sort.

    Concerning Militia:

    • Players who are Militia/Defenders/Guards of their towns may have special rules regarding PvP in and only in their respective town.
    • A militia PC need to inform the DM channel of an arrest, but no shout will be issued. We require the notice so that we are aware it's an arrest and not an unauthorized PvP.
    • An arrest requiring a PvP situation outside the home town falls under the general pk rules.


    • Logging out during an obvious PK clearance on your character without both party's consent will carry an automatic level loss penalty.
    • Logging out repeatedly after each time a PK notice has been shouted to avoid "knowing" that a PK has been authorized against your character will carry the same penalty as above. Basically if you make enemies, prepare to take the consequences.**

  • Warnings and Bans
    Certain behaviors and actions will not be tolerated in the Narfell community. Some of these behaviors and actions can get you automatically banned, others will result in disciplinary action. What this entails varies from case to case, but here is an example:

    For transgressions that do not automatically merit an Auto Ban, we have a "Three Strikes" rule. For the first transgression, or strike, you will receive a warning. For the second strike, you will receive a loss of privileges (mIRC, forums, and/or game) for no more than one week. For strike three, you will receive a loss of privileges (mIRC, forums, and/or game) for no more than one month. Any further transgressions will result in you being permanently banned from Narfell's game server, forums, and IRC channels. Any attempt to circumvent a disciplinary action (getting around a mIRC ban, logging in game after a server reset when you are still temp banned) will be met with harsher discipline if/when discovered, up to and possibly including a permanent ban.

    Actions that can lead to Disciplinary Action
    Include, but are not limited to: advertising/recruiting within the Narfell community for another NWN server; harrassment of other players; harrassment of the Narfell team (DM's, PG's, PL's, Dev's, and Admin's); excessive arguing/bad attitude with the Narfell team; inappropriate IRC, forum, or in game conduct; metagaming.

    Actions that can prompt an Auto-Ban
    1. Having 3 Official Warnings From the DM Team
    2. Unwanted Sexual Contact
    3. Griefing
    4. Causing Harm to the Community (I.E. hacking, super spam, and other such things)

  • Sex and Cybering
    If you want to roleplay 'sexual' content:

    There are legal aspects to our policy on sexual contact. It exists to protect our host and the others ruled responsible for our server.

    No-one should be viewing material of a sexual nature or participating in roleplay of a sexual nature who has not explicitly consented to it.

    Unwanted Sexual Content Policy

    No player may RP any sexual assault, rape, or other unwanted sexual contact at any time. By doing so you will very likely face a swift permanent ban from the server, forums, and IRC as everyone who has done this in the past have faced.

    This issue is not open to debate and we, the DM team, do not care if you think this is unfair or unrealistic. Do not discuss it in IRC or on the forums, as it is not acceptable.

    It is an issue that is not open to any debate and will not be changed.

    Romantic Relationships
    Loving and/or sexual relationships have always been part of Narfell. However, please be aware that these will have IC consequences and reactions, not just from those you’d expect.

    If you are not happy about these consequences you should not be entering into these relationships. We trust that all players who do so are mature enough to deal with the role play associated. These are in character interactions and should be kept as such.

    Citizen Tokens
    Cybering does nothing to contribute to the community. If a player is logging on primarily to engage in this activity they should not expect to earn or retain a Citizen Token.**

  • Looting other Players
    You may not loot PCs during DM events. If you’re concerned about a possible crash and subsequent item loss you can message the DM channel asking them to pick up the items.

    Outside of that, in general if your PC would do it, it is okay. HOWEVER please consider the other player’s feelings; how do you feel after your PC dies? How much worse might you feel if their things were stolen? Would you still want to play Narfell? Perhaps even with a character who would happily steal someone’s entire worldly possessions you could find a reason for them to take only one key item – either a powerful one, or something kept for sentimental value that could cause the PC (but not the player) real distress.

    In the case of picking up a dead party members items to insure that 1) they are not lost in a crash, and 2) they can be returned to the person once they are resurrected; the key to making sure there is no misinterpretation of your actions, communicate what you are doing to those around you.

    If it’s your PC’s intent to loot a PC when there are other PCs in the area, use common sense. You may not walk over in stealth and start lifting weapons and armour since common sense dictates that this would be seen, regardless of engine limitations.

    There are also possible alignment and RP repercussions, but since that is a choice of RP, it won’t be made into a rule, but handled on a case by case basis by the DMs.

    While wishing to prevent a looter from making a grab and run you must still adhere to PVP rules.

  • Items Lost due to Bugs and Crashes
    Reimbursement of XP/gold/items is not done unless a DM witness the bug or circumstance that caused the loss, or if a screen shot is taken that conclusively shows the bug and the loss.

    We can all sympathize with players that have lost time spent improving their characters, especially when it occurs through no fault of their own, but the sheer amount of these requests to the admins and DMs is overwhelming. They are here to play with everyone, not to be customer service to for the community. And so to be fair to everyone, there is a blanket policy of refusing such requests unless proof is given.

    If you wish to discuss the specifics of your case please contact a PG.

  • Disputing DM Rulings
    If a DM makes a ruling that you as a player disagree with, this is the procedure:

    1. Take your complaint about the ruling to a PL.
    2. The PL will work on your behalf regardless of their personal opinion. They will outline the options available and talk to you about what they plan to do.
    3. The PL will convey your complaint to the Head DM after you’ve approved the wording.
    4. The ruling will be evaluated by the Head DM and upheld or over ruled accordingly.

    It has come to the staff's attention that several players "shop around" with the DM's, taking their plight to all of them until they get a favorable response. This has never been tolerated on this server nor will it be.

    Any player found to be "Shopping around" for a sympathetic DM will be warned, and placed on formal warning. Continued "Shopping" after being warned could result in a temp ban, or even a perm ban for increasing or continued abuse.

  • Character Names
    Narfell is a roleplaying server, much emphasis is placed on making it to “feel” as realistic as possible. One of the factors contributing to this is the naming of characters.

    In general, names should reflect upon a fantasy setting and strive to be as original as possible. The usage of “trademarked” names such as Gandalf, Drizzt, etc, that have appeared in works of fiction may not be permitted as the community feels that it is disrespectful to the creators and the spirit of their work, as the portrayal of such characters is subjective. Names with symbols such as =, &, $, etc, “leet-speak” (e.g. G4M3R), or obscenities are unacceptable and DM action will be taken against players found with such names. This is done to preserve the roleplaying atmosphere of the game.

    If you have run out of creative juice and turn your nose up at NWN’s name generator, there are articles and name generators on the web to help you out!