Making Gali a home

  • What appears to be a young man is seen in the camp gathering firewood and making a portable make shift tent. He hunts randomly and rests there often. His armor is Black and silver with black leather fingerless gloves and a holy symbol of Hoar lays around his neck. He keeps about calmly and seems to just drift in and out seeming to watch and wait for someone, as if expecting someone to come.

  • _Jason approaches Aelthas handing him another letter explaining that this was the layout for a base that his Second in command had written up, please keep it for consideration, thanks.


    This is the description of our proposed building.
    First, note that it is three floors, and will detailed as the lower, which is underground, the middle, ground level, and upper

    Lower Barracks for Ensigns (10), Lockers, Infirmary, storage room, 3 Cells, one with maximum security, an entrance to a underground connection to the Dwarven building at Sams's Hole. This will have secure interlocks from both sides, with each only having permitted access.

    Middle floor, will house the orphans in one room, 20 beds, double stacked, large dining hall, adjoing galley, a prayer room, with statue of Limater, an ale room, set aside, with seating for 10, a large meeting roof with a table for 13,

    Upper floor, will have rooms for 8 knights, with provision for three of the rooms to hold double occupancy. Equipped with separate lockers, and a meeting hall for 8.

    This is the plans, as developed to this point, and submitted by

    Gnarl, 1st Knight of the Forsworn, of Ilmater_

  • Many were seen around the campfires of old, the tale of the Forsworn told and many things discussed, in the end it was agreed for the Forsworn to be placed elsewhere, yet none could argue that the new friendships and alliances forged that day were any less valuable then the land they sat upon.

  • (( okay talking with Dreadlock we agreed to tomorrow morning which is Sunday the 30th at 10am EST which is 1pm Euro. ))

  • ((I should be around most of this weekend, if we can get people together today or tomorrow around the same time, all is good with me and it would be preferred likely.))

  • blood is found in the communal tree where a fight clearly broke out and Jasons horse was seen carrying the old priest away to safety refusing Sirion or Terry to be allowed to touch the unconcious priest. Hours later they were all seen together again setting a date for a peace talk

    (( Sat July 6th, 10 AM EST good for everyone??? ))

  • A sign goes up at the entrance to the Camp.

    "These are Romani lands, squatters will be removed. Any questions in regards to the Camp can be directed to Aelthas, the Pink Knight, Caretaker of the Gypsy Camp.

    Thank you for your cooperation."

  • _To anyone that has contact with the official Romani tribe, my name is Jason Ramus Selious, First Knight of the Forsworn, Priest and Painbarer of Ilmater and Weilder of the holy Staff of Ilmater as well as Private to the Troff Legion. I am looking to make a meeting with those who truly claim ownership of the Romani Camp located between Peltarch and Norwick to discuss sale or lease of the lands to the order of the Forsworn. I am asking only those of the Romani to step forward for this as anyone with older claims to such cannot be verified. I am often found at the Romani Camp or in Peltarch itself. I am offering six months for a member of the Romani to contact me in person. If it will take them longer then that I would ask a letter is sent ahead to inform me of their intent to come to discuss the matter directly. Should no Romani step forward from that point I will assume that due to past tragedy at the Camp that the Romani wish no claim to the land and see to its use directly. Please note that I am trying to legitimately contact any proper Romani from this camp to discuss sales, trades, leasing, or renting the land.

    Thank you for your time and patience and I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

    (( Date IG is - Month 1, Day 21, Hr 17 - Expires - Month 7, Day 21, Hr 17 without letter ))

    (( DM's please advise required gold dump for these letters ))_

  • ICC

    Vega was seen with her father showing Theaon and Z around the camp checking out the structures and mine and discussing costs and work needed on the various building as well as attempting to check into some of the things inside. Afterwards she invited them to the old bar and they all enjoyed some romani wine she found hidden away.

  • ICC

    The woman brings a Dwarf, an elf and a few others to look at things in the camp with her. Whatever she's up to it's clearly not going to stop anytime soon. A small notice is distributed to each of the inn's with the measage. "Help restore a piece of Narfell's history! Contact Vega Selious for more details!" ((I'll dump 150 gold for this considering Norwick, Pelt and the Valley.))

  • ICC

    The woman is still seen coming back and forth from the camp after her chat. Clearing out rubble in the lodge and other areas and doing light repairs where she can. Though not sticking around long it's quite clear the her goal is at the very least to improve the condition of the camp for unspecified purposes.

  • Trent is seen approaching and talking to the woman advising her to seek out Attentus if her agenda is to remain here, though he advises her it is not wise to do so till she does.

  • ICC

    It appears a woman in Brass armour has been seen wandering about the camp. She dissapear into the old lodge and the chimney has been billowing far more smoke than it used to. What is her purpose here….

  • The man is seen speaking with the Pink Knight by the fires of the camp, words are exchanged and some arguments yet in the end they both seem to come to some agreement though it seems more hesitant. After such meetings the man is seen leaving the camp, coming back two days a month to camp there and rest then packing up and leaving once again.

  • During the day he is seen hunting around and becoming more accustomed to the area, though at night he sleeps close to the fire, always can he be seen whispering to himself what comes across more as a hissing sound. (( please send me a PM with a Listen check and I will let you know)) His sleep is always fitful tossing and turning often waking with a yelp of terror before scanning the skies and the area around him then curling up closer to the fire.