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    Leena Lynn Rayfe

    Role: Woods Warden/Witch.
    Classes: Ranger/Druid

    Race: Half-elf
    Height: 5'5
    Age: She appears to be in her twenties, though it's hard to tell with Druids and half-elves in general.
    Weight: 110
    Eye Color: Strikingly blue
    Hair Color: Red

    What you see: Looking upon Leena, an observer would see one of two things. Either a green and black Bullette scale armored woman, clearly clad for battle … or a nearly scantily clad woman dressed in warm broen hide armor, with black over her boots and forearms, like cat paws.

    With either outfit, Leena is constantly wearing a belt with Silvanus's mark atop it, and some charm about her neck with a symbol of Mielikki upon it. Even to the uneducated, there's always just something about her that screams "Druid."

    Speech: Leena most often converses in the common tongue, until it's time for Druid-work, when people still start to hear her speak the musical language of Sylvan, or the secret tongue of the Druids, which sounds like a nonsense song in a windy forest to most.

    Equipment: Most notable upon her person if the longbow with the lightning bolts carved into it's entire length. She carries it at all times, and is known to be a very skilled archer.

    At each hip is a weapon to use with her shield, which is a small round wooden work of art with a glowing depiction of the moon that bathes the area around it in bright moonlight. The weapons are a Platinum Longsword with a blade that looks permanently stained with blood, always accompanied by a blunt weapon on the other side. Currently, it's a white mace that seems to shock her enemies, and makes a thunder-like crack when striking undead.

    She's been known to carry a variety of other items, predominantly choking powder bombs, whose clouds she fights in with ease, darts, vine-mines, and other oddities.

    Family: She is the daughter of the well-known Druid Jerrick Rayfe, and his partner Tindra. Or is it Lorelai? There's apparently some confusion on the matter, as Tindra suddenly had a twin one day, and much confusion was had.

    Associations: She is a member of the Druid Circle of Quercatha Terr. She currently has no rivalries with any other groups at this time.

    Reputation: Leena is a natural born leader, like her father. She has yet to come to grips with this fully, and is often confused why decisions seem to fall to her. She has a habit of escalating situations now and then, especially where undead are concerned, but is largely cool-headed when it counts.

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    Updated with commissioned art from Necrofai! ❤

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