Build 902u

    The shout channel has been enabled for players. Using the shout channel as a player will send a message out in a larger radius than the talk channel. This attracts hostiles.

    To use the shout channel type /s in front of what you want to shout or switch the channel type (click to the left of where you type your text) to Shout.

    PLEASE NOTE: If the shouter is in stealth mode shouting will destealth the shouter.

    Also, because of the way NWN and our AI system treats invisibility it is not possible to shout while under the effects of invisibility.
    (Many thanks to its_a_fire for coding all this!)

    Miscellaneous stuff:

    • Many more maps given exploration XP
    • Minor map updates
    • One map remodeled (Thanks Clownbaby!)
    • Magic Eaters will now grow in size as they absorb magic. There is a small potential for this change to allow them to block movement, especially in cramped passages. Please treat this as a feature, not a bug. (Thanks again its_a_fire!)

    Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions always welcome! Please PM me, a DM, or a PG! 🙂