Avarice WindSpear

  • Character: Zoma Nogardis
    Location: Gypsie Camp

    The Guardians Of Brigandia
    The Sisterhood (Honourary member)

    Custom Items:
    Full Plate +1
    :- Gift from Kara (Reskinned by Gobbletom, 2005)

    Ring of Fey
    +1 vs Fear
    :- Gift from Pavel and Sabre from one of the misadventures together

    Amulet of Will +2
    :- Gift from Horbag

    DM plot/given items:

    (Created by DM PartyKiller)

    Zoma's wedding Band(Paired with Ragnhild)
    Cast Endurance 1/Day
    +4 Discipline

    (Created by DM Apparition)

    One Man Fighting Gear (aka OMFG, helmet. Usable only in Appar's plots and events)
    _This appears to be a standard helmet with a red bandana wrapped around it. The words "One Man Fighting Gear" is written on the bandana.

    It is claimed that the helmet possessed magical powers, able to allow its wearer to defy even the most impossible odds._
    //Purpose meant for avoiding Zoma rolls. Critical failure roll is shifted to 2 instead of 1.

    Tomahawk (Throwing axe)
    +1 vs animals

    Description: Enough to put the fear into the Kitchen into those vermin. Just having one in your hand makes you want to shave your hair into a tomahawk, decorate your body into ritual markings, and scream a war whoop while catching dinner.

    Demolisher & Demolisher bolts (Crossbow)
    //Only usable in Appar's specific events for server balance purposes

    (Created by DM Stormbringer)

    Semper Fidelis (Greatsword)
    +1 attack bonus
    +2 vs Outsiders

    Description: A gift from the Divine Shield for aiding them in bringing a conclusion to one of their old plot events as well as a symbollic gesture of friendship.

    (Created by DM Sunshine)

    Brooch of Shielding
    Cast Shield 3/Day

    Description: _FRom one of DM Sunshine's long and tedious 'Fetch and Deliver' quest event. The group was offered two kinds of rewards to their picking: Coins to be shared with the group or pick one of the two mysterious boxes. One of the box will contain worthless items whilst the other contains useful items.

    Eventually, through Zoma's dumb luck, he picked up the box of useful items and this is one of the items located in the box._

    (Created by DM Guthook)

    Yew Crossbow
    Crafted item
    Description: Embarrassing moments shared with Santa Claus. Involved throwing dice rolls to reflect if Zoma had been a "Good boy" for the entire year..

    Guild Items:
    Greater Blade of The Hero (Guardians)
    +2 enchantment
    +2 vs Fear

    Greater Plate of the Guardians (The Guardians of Brigandia)
    +2 AC
    +1 Fortitude
    80% of weight

    Rod of Healing (The Sisterhood)
    Cure light wounds 2/Day

    Time in Narfell: 2003 September

  • Updated 10th January 2007