Journal of a vigil elf

  • A leather bound book, well cared for and favored may be found in possession of Eilonna Moonshadow. Written in it are times of memories both good and bad, for her its a reminder of all things good and bad, for others its the story of one young orphan elf who strived to make a difference in the little settlement known as Norwick.

  • Fifty years....fifty years I have been missing, yet I have not aged a day, I cannot remember any of the last fifty years. Only sitting on the bluff by Jiyyd, a fey approaching me and asking for a private conversation in the hidden grove, I agreed having spoken to the fey many times in the past, then recently woke up in Norwick.

    Where was I the last fifty years? Why do I not remember anything of them? I managed to track down the new Commander of the Guards, Hannibal, he has welcomed me back into the Norwick Militias scout division, I told him honestly I wasn't gonna challenge him for Command, he earned it and I wasn't here, so I have no right to challenge it.

    Then I met with Theaon of the Troff Legion, hoping to find the same warm welcome home, sadly I was not, I was given a choice to make that should never be asked of anyone. Either retire from the Norwick Militia, or be retired from the Legion. How can he even ask me to consider that, Norwick is my home, they took me in, loved me, protected me since my mothers brutal murder. I could not abandon my home, my family and my men. Even Hen thinks he is wrong. What can I do though, other then have my heart ripped apart?

    I couldn't even stop myself from crying when Hen appeared behind me and hugged me, I wound up just turning into her and crying, when she asked what was wrong and I told her, she couldn't even believe Theaon would do such a thing, but he did and admitted to it. So now I am working to find Elessar, and work my way through the Militia once more.

  • Met another Ranger today, her name is Danika. She seems very nice and friendly and very inquisitive. I think she is also a scout for the Norwick Militia. We spoke the whole night about who I was, my goals, my ideals and so on, we started talking about Yngdir which at first I felt mildly mocked when she laughed. She said he may be at the legion tower, where ever that is. We also started talking about the abandoned Elven Camp. My mother may have stumbled from there sixty years ago, so Danika gave me a choice. Did I want to see the camp, or the tower. As much as I want to meet Yngdir, the camp had a priority to me. I may find Yngdir at the gate yet, but a chance to go to the camp….may never come again. So we did just that. The woods there were creepy to say the least. When we got there I spotted two Bugbears one she called a Shaman and the other was in very dark armor and looked like a nasty warrior with a weapon dripping in poison. Not something I want to fight anytime soon. On the way back she told me what little she knew of the defiler, something I will need to investigate further. Perhaps one of these druids know, but Danika did warn me most druids are not good and should be kept with caution. Something I will keep close to heart. Seems I have a lot to look into.

  • After some time in the camp a Dwarf named Thror came through the south gate talking about the goblins in the Howling possibly having a body, trusting in my skills I set out to find it at the goblin camp there not realizing the dwarf in his worry was following. I got through just fine up till the camp when a goblin scout noticed me as all the other goblins had not detected me at all. Soon after I was in a lot of trouble. Then Thror showed up likely saving my life and we moved to the camp to find some minor loot but no body. We headed back to find Maria soon following and she escorted us back to Norwick then I took inventory of all the loot and forwarded all my reports to Cecil at once. Best first day!

  • So me and Constantine and a young male I don't know started out and first took to the Rawlins woods that lead to the howling woods, I lead in stealth randomly picking off goblins as we sought for one that might willingly speak. Constantine thought one that was pegged off was seeking to speak, but only she heard it. We moved towards the Howling woods when we spotted another goblin and decided to try speaking to it, Constantine tried acting tough which nearly made it flee again, then I brought out ten coins remembering my fathers words about goblins and their glittering fascination. He quickly took interest in me and I offered him the coin for some information, he quickly and not surprisingly agreed. I asked him about the sickness which he really didn't seem to know anything about, then I asked him about the goblin like statues in the forest which made him scream " I don't wanna be a stat-choo" and run away, which told me all by itself, those weren't statues. I left the ten gold for him and we decided to skip the howling for that hunt and move to the Ruins. It was there our male companion left and we pushed on. When we got to the hill with all the goblins on it we killed them rapidly then turned to leave, as we did the caster suddenly ripped his own skin off and stood up as a skeleton. He said he had made a spell so that he couldn't be stabbed anymore as he didn't like stabbing. Constantine bartered his freedom for useful information so I asked the questions of him again. He told me that the blistered Goblins were coming from the deep south, towards the Abandoned Elven Camp. The statues were infact goblins and something big turned them that way on sight, then the little guy fled. We went to the lake from there and found a strange mage named Maria, she spoke with us for a while and gave some hints to what is strong enough to do that. Medusa's Beholder, Mage, Cocktrice or even a Gorgon. Also a Basalisk. As it grew dark I became nervous knowing the number one rule of Norwick is to be in those gates by dark so we set back to Norwick with Maria in tow.

  • Dear Journal, It has been a week since my parents gave me this journal, its also been a week since I told them I was going to find my destiny with the Norwick Militia Scouting Division. So many things happened my first day I don't even know where to begin. I filed an application at the barracks and went out to review the Law Boards. When I looked down I noticed a woman scantly clothed yet she drew my interest. I followed her down and lost track of her. I was gonna go out the gate and follow her when she came from the eastern side of the tower. She saw my gold bag and told me I should find somewhere to store it. Though in Norwick, the safest place is on your person. She told me there was a bank in Peltarch, I had never even been to Peltarch. She offered to take me there and did so. It was huge, lots of stone walls and buildings….kinda creepy really. I was happy to reach the bank.....the bank keeps Orcs for guards.....why I don't know. They all seem so vicious. Anyways, the banker demanded a 200 gold fee just to open an account, expensive or what. I paid it and Constantine told me to keep 50 gold for the boat back, now she tells me there's a boat. We sailed back to Norwick....did I mention that's my first time on a boat??? When we docked it was getting late so I went to my post on the tower next to the guard. After a while he actually started talking to me. He told me some of the history of Old Norwick that I had long forgotten having been only a baby at the time. Then about the abandoned Elven camp. I wonder if my mother came from there. He then started talking about these sick goblins that had blisters much like burns but he couldn't see them being burns. Then about there being statues that are lifelike versions of Goblins that were found. I promised him I would investigate it. A great way to start off as a Scout, perhaps enough to impress Cecil if I can gather enough intel. As the dawn came I told the guard I had to move on to investigate and he told me his name was Krask, I honestly look forward to speaking to him again.