To become a Gondian...

    • A journal is found under a bed in the coppers, it is covered in dusts from the mines and soot from the forges, the pages are worn and bent as it from constant use and random writings *

    The dream I had was so vivid, I still can't pretend that I am sure it was a vision or just more of my own insanity. Though given the options, I prefer to believe that it was more a vision from Gond. In the dream there was a man in the forges, he was smithing as I was bringing in more tin to work on my craft. He stopped and looked at me for a mere moment as if judging my very worth then chuckled at me. He spoke in a gruff but pleasant tone, " boy if your gonna smith that to anything of value, make sure you make two, one fer keepin, one fer offerin back. " He looked at me again as if recognizing my strife and loss at things and spoke again though now keeping his back to me. " If its favor of Gond you seek, then bring me a copper hammer, one you yourself have cut the ore of and forged with yer own hands. Ye bring me that, and I will promise ye Lord Gond will take notice of ye." With that he said nothing more, in the dream I just turned and left. I woke covered in sweat and wondering if the dream had been real or if it was just another part of the insanity I have put up with for so long. Either way, I am putting faith in it being real.

    • This final entry seems to be with a rather shaky hand, the writing is messy and strangely seeming lazy *

    Mined copper in the mines, made bronze ingots, gave three to Varia, made two bronze knives, made hatchets, made tin, put all but one hatchet into chest for Varia, went to temple, offered three bronze ingots, both knives, and hatchet and remaining tin.

    Can see the forge burning brightly even in the temple. Seems I am called back to the real forge.

    To my apprentice….Sorry to leave you so soon.

    To were the daughter I never had but always wanted, please look after Cathal.

    To Cathal.....I will always be proud of you son. Live life to the fullest and be happy.

    Signed one last time: Arthur Forge, Smith of Gond.

    • this page shows the calmest writing yet so far *

    I was dreaming again, and again I was infront of that smith, this time offering him the hammer. He took it from me and examined it speaking gruffly though with a masters gaze. "it will do" That's all he said to me then turned back to the forge. Now as I wake, I swear I feel his presence now unlike before, before it was Banes darkness I could feel closing in on me, now I swear I feel the heat of the forge burning in my heart. For once…I feel content and ready to move on no matter the trouble.

    • the page shows some dust and possibly sweat as he writes again *

    Spent some time with my apprentice today, got her some tin and showed her how to make skinning knives, she made a good dozen and smelted them back down till there was nothing left to reforge. She gave me the first she made which I have offered to Gond. She is doing very well and has a great passion for the forge. I think she will do well.

  • It has been a very long day, I have offered the Copper Hammer up to Gond, first destroying the handle then melting the head back down to basic liquid ore. I can only pray he accepts my offering. Secondly I offered him a new Gemcutting Chisel, the first I have ever made of it. From there I spent the rest of the day smithing more of them and some axes working on my basic skills, only tin but I couldn't get down far enough to seek Copper. It was a good days work in my own opinion. I have sent a letter to the magistrate, I accepted what I had done in the past and told her I wasn't seeking a trial, I await her response and only time will tell what will happen from there.

    • the writing is slow and looks a bit sloppy though surprisingly somewhat peaceful *

    My work is complete, thanks to Kyan and Varia the Copper hammers have been forged, now I merely need offer them to Gond, though as of yet I'm exhausted. We went from top to bottom on the Oscuran mines two levels. 27 cuts of Copper saw me 99 ingots, and of that two hammers and several pick axes. For now though, I am too tired to move and everything aches. I will preform the ritual offering later, perhaps I can convince the minotaurian blacksmith to aid me?

    • this handwriting is much calmer and though still dirty seems excited *

    Killed a minotaur today, gave the head to Jario, he seemed to like it, Also now Malachite is far to easy for me to mine, I'm ready to start Copper, I can't explain in words how excited I am to actually finally be ready for this! Varia got a new staff for killing the mino and I got a new shield for my apprentice. Yep, I took on an apprentice, her name is Constantine Blackgate, shes a strong fighter with a heart dedicated to Norwick. I can at least get her started on the right path and show her how Gondians like to work on the forge.

    May Gond guide my hammer as I teach her the art of Smithing.

    • the page shows some blood stains and the hand slightly shaky *

    Went back down with Varia, she has learned that Magic Missile works well on the Crystal slimes. Good to know. Problem is we ran into two of the smaller ones which despite my efforts focused on her till she was down, managed to save her twice then I got paralyzed, I barely broke free before they killed me. I didn't see Varia till I got back to the main shaft of the mines. So I have a feeling if I fell down there….I was on my own.

  • Damn those crystal oozes are tough, Varia was nearly killed three times for the buggers. used up near all my healing to keep her alive then the bugger followed her all the way to the blooded mine entrance. Strangely enough the dwarf rather then attacking it demanded it show him a mining pass? What the hell??? I thought I had mental problems….

  • Well, for a mage, Varia can hit hard with that staff, I know. I went in mining and when she realized I had gone without her she hit me with the staff….ah well. Malachite is coming along very well, wont be much longer now till I can move onto copper...only thing is, no one I speak to has any use for Malachite?

  • It has been days since the vision and I have determined the best place to get copper will be in the Oscuran mines, but first I need to get my hand in mining Malachite and working from there. Varia has been traveling with me though I think shes more worried that I will collapse under the continued strain and push I have been on to do this. If this is really my last chance at redemption then I am not wasting my chance. I know shes worried and that she understands. I am so close to this goal right now that its all that's on my mind, and if she stops to think about it, at least it works up a good appetite.