Build 902s

  • XP Changes:

    Automated RP XP - PCs will receive automated RP XP at a rate of 100 1st ed XP per hour in 15 minute intervals. To receive the automated RP XP PCs must make a minimum number of chat messages and also change areas once every so often. I won't go into detail on the requirements, but they're VERY easy to meet. (Many thanks to its_a_fire for coding this system!)

    Exploration XP - PCs will receive an XP bonus the first time (after this build goes in) that they visit a map marked for exploration XP. The bonus is not repeatable. Right now not many maps are marked, but you're likely to run into a couple pleasant surprises. (More thanks to its_a_fire for coding this system too!)

    Death Penalties - Death penalties have been reduced. Cassius now costs 20% of your total 3rd edition XP. The rest of the raises now cost 10% of your total 3rd edition XP. It's still a lot, but it's not an entire level. (Unless you're high level and you take Cassius)

    CT Changes:

    Citizens RP Token - There is a new type of citizen token that players may opt in for. The token doubles all forms of noncombat XP and negates any combat XP past level 6. This includes automated XP, DM drop XP, and exploration XP. PCs exchanging tokens must be level 6 or below. You may ask a DM to delevel your character to one XP above 6 in order to be given this token instead of a regular CT. I'm willing to discuss a trial run for any players that find this idea interesting, but aren't sure they want to commit a bunch of level loss and regret it. PM me if you're interested in being deleveled to 6 for this token on a trial basis. (You can also roll up a new PC and ask a DM to put an CRPT on the new PC)

    Addendum for clarification: There requirements for this type of CT are the same as for the regular CT. As a CT holder you can be given one of these simply by asking a DM. The restriction and requirement to delevel is only needed when switching from one type of CT to another.

    Area Changes:

    A couple cosmetic changes to a couple areas. (Thanks Vash!)

    Misc Changes:

    Clean up script to remove disarmed NPC weapons. (Thanks a third time to its_a_fire!)

    PM me with any questions, comments, or concerns! 🙂

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