Build 902p

  • Narfell DM

    Spell Changes

    • Spell Focus: Conjuration and Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration now give an effective +2 caster level when calculating duration for summons. For example, a level VII summon that lasts round/level as cast by a level 13 caster will last 15 rounds with spell focus, 17 rounds with greater. This is multiplied with an extended spell.
    • Sunbeam has been edited to only affect hostiles. It will also kill vampires as per the sunburst spell. (Sunburst still does more damage to non-undead.)
    • Sunburst (and in turn, sunbeam) has been changed so that killing a vampire will not stop damage from being applied to surrounding hostiles. Also, damage for the "death" has been changed from magic type to divine.
    • Earthquake has been altered to only target hostiles. Damage cap is now 20d6 and any afflicted creature (does not work on incorporeal creatures) who fails the reflex save for half damage must make a discipline check at the same DC or be knocked prone for a round.


    • Daisy removed from Peltarch Temple of the Triad. Galin is now High Priest and Alicia Grey has been given Daisy's old store.
    • Dark Hammers should now properly work with shields even if a weapon is not equipped by the player.
    • Bards now properly receive rapier proficiency at level 1 rather than level 2.