Giant Spiders Roaming the Gypsy Camp

  • Gnolls have been seen with giant spiders in the woods near the Cold Caves. Romulus Grey decided to scout the gypsy pass and camp to see whether any have moved into that territory. The pass and east half of the camp were empty, but Romulus encountered a giant silk spider hunting in the deepest part of the Gypsy Camp. Be careful, any who pass there!

    Login: AubreyMaturin
    Character: Romulus Grey

  • A scout watches those who come and go from the safety of the shadows, her eyes taking in details and committing them to memory. No signs of her are ever seen, yet she watches and guards the camp for some reason

  • ICC

    A pair of human track might have been spotted in the deepest parts of the gypsy camp. The tracks seem to be made my a male and female patrolling the area. They go into and out of any structure not locked before heading out into the spider woods and leaving on horseback. It appears someone has taken interest in the seemingly abandoned camp